Daunte Culpepper May Not Play Anywhere in 2008

It’s beginning to look like Daunte Culpepper will not have a job when training camp starts.

As ProFootballTalk pointed out today, the Raiders recently signed a pair of unknown quarterbacks, Erik Meyer and Jeff Otis, to go along with JaMarcus Russell and Andrew Walter.  Furthermore, Culpepper is still not listed on Raiders’ transaction page has having been re-signed for 2008.

These facts would tend to indicate that Daunte is not in the Raiders’ plans.  And if he’s not in the Raiders’ plans, he’s probably not in anyone’s plans.

And that includes the VikingsBrad Childress, when asked about the former Pro Bowler, shot down any notion of Culpepper returning to the Purple, saying, “I’m not seeing that one in the stars probably.”

Chilly, for all his alleged secrecy, is usually not shy about telling people when he doesn’t like someone.  Like Jeff George.  And Daunte would also seem to fit in the “Chilly Doesn’t Like” category.  No doubt this is all because of how things ended in Minnesota.  Culpepper rehabbing his knee next to the Orange Julius or whatever the hell.  Never say Chilly doesn’t know how to hold a grudge.

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  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian – Inside the Iggles

    He will land somewhere eventually. Right now GMs are holding off because they may draft a QB and they want to see how that works out first. Once the draft is over I would expect some interest to build up in Culpepper. Even if there is none, you always have training camp injuries. He will find a team somewhere.

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