Tarvaris Jackson Trashed by Madden '09

The quarterback rankings for the next edition of the Madden video game franchise, Madden ’09, have been revealed. Suffice it to say, the people who decide these things do not care much for Tarvaris Jackson.

Yes, Tarvaris got an overall 78 – just two ticks above Atlanta’s Chris Redman who is ranked dead-last in the game. At least they gave T-Jack some props for arm strength, rating him a 94. But look at his awareness: 56? That’s below JaMarcus Russell who hasn’t even played yet.

It gets more disturbing when you check out the rookie rankings:

Basically, the Madden ’09 folks say it’s a wash between Tarvaris and John David Booty. And in awareness – Erik Ainge, Brian Brohm, Matt Flynn, Joe Flacco, Chad Henne and Matt Ryan all rank above Tarvaris.

Okay, ha ha…but seriously, this is absurd. You’re trying to tell me that Matt Flynn and Erik Ainge have more “awareness” with zero NFL experience than Tarvaris Jackson has after a full season as a starter? No, they don’t.

Sorry, but even people who think T-Jack is a joke can’t agree with this assessment of his abilities. Nobody’s saying he’s the next Joe Montana…but he’s certainly better than some guy who’s never taken a snap in the league.

T-Jack should take these rankings as a personal insult, and use them to motivate himself. And if he ends up leading the Vikings to the playoffs? He should find whoever compiles these rankings and shove a copy of the game right up their ass.

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  • WestCoastSkins

    First post. I believe that is quite a fair assesment. Tarvaris will never be a star and he always looks lost when he is on the field.

  • da2213viking28

    Man bob me up west coast. Tarvaris should be at least 65 awareness and 82 overall thats weak but i’ll still be throwing bonbs with my cuz T-Jac to berrian


    Fuck Madden, just a fat fucking slob with a make believe game of football with his name on it. The faggot’s who put this shit out there couldn’t carry Tarvaris’s jock strap.

  • AustinVike

    I think TJack is far better than this might represent.

    One thing to remember is that user play influences the development of the skills of the players in Madden – so if you play with Tom Brady on All-Madden level and throw 41 ints in a season, you can bet your ass his ratings won’t be as high for the next season.

    They use this rating as a jumping off point based on what they’ve seen from the players stats from the previous season (and if they’re a rookie, then they use college stats and add a handicap to the “awareness” column).

    I do think TJack’s rating will be much higher next year because this is going to be his golden year. We have better receivers, same rushers, same O-Line, better FB, and less overall pressure because of the lack of “placing everything” on TJack’s performance. I think he’s going to surprise some people this season – hopefully most of them will be located in Wisconsin, particularly the Green Bay area…

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  • AustinVike

    Daily Norseman has just posted this same story (including my tidbit above).

    I still think TJack is going to have a breakout year. If Purple Jesus / Freight Taylor hve anything similar to that same performance this coming year, the NFC (and most of the NFL) is in for a rude awakening. Big time.

    Who’s to say why we are ranked 13th overall in upcoming performance? Obviously we are going to break the top ten. And that’s not just being optimistic – Chilly is putting players that matter in positions that matter (or were weak last season). Our depth on those positions isn’t great, but we are much better off than we were last season.

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  • http://jasonwinter.blogspot.com Jason W

    Why should it be automatic that a third-year quarterback, labeled by most as mediocre at best, and bad at worst, is better than a rookie?  What’s the reasoning behind that? Bruce Gradkowski, Kellen Clemens, and Brodie Croyle will all be third-year men in 2008, too. Would you rather have one of them or JaMarcus Russell/Matt Ryan?

  • Vikingholic

    So are you saying that Rex Grossman, any of the Dolphins qb’s, even Matt Lerinart, who lost his starting job to a 60 year old man, is better than T-jack.  Come on, who does the Dolphins have that are better than T-Jack.  Who does, the Bears have.  Who does the 49ers have.  Come on, T-Jack is better than half of the qb’s in the league, and better than all of the qb’s that are coming in the league.  What can you say about T-jack.  You gonna say he a bust.  How can a person out of Divison 2 come in the league, and play a down and get more wins than losest be a bust.  Please explain why does T-jac has so many haters goodness.

  • vagman09

    yea he may be just a retarded nigger but 78 please i wouldnt even let him sit on my porch

  • Vance the Vike

    Uncalled for Vagman! and it’s 28 you racist moron. Come down to Florida, I’ll introduce you to some of my players. They could use “dummy practice”. Maybe one of the Williams duo, AP or Sharper would sit on your couch and proofread your blogs-then kick your butt

     How ya do’in Aaron and Chris?

  • Ryan

    vagman09, you will get the Karma you deserve next Tuesday, be carefull

  • justin

    that is tru tv j is way under rated. just thank about this the past coulple of years thay hade bad seasons but for them to go 8-8 i thank thas pretty goood and i just thank wht he need to work on is his accuracy but overrall he is a great qb well if he plays in the nfl he is great but people shold not critasize him because he hade a bad year and plus this will be his 3year so maby he hase fixed his problems so he can play 110% out on the fieald and get to the play off and win that dame superb bowl go vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill

    I don’t know how he got ranked this high.  I know blind squirrells who can find the open reciever better than him.