Culpepper Turned Down the Packers

Daunte Culpepper is probably not going to have a job once the season starts…but it didn’t have to be that way. Reportedly, the Packers offered the former Vikings QB a 1-year, $1 million contract to sit behind Aaron Rodgers. But Daunte felt it was beneath his dignity to accept a backup role and walked. Said Donald Driver:

Daunte’s a good guy but I guess he felt like he wanted to come in and vie for a starting spot and [the Packers] already knew who their starting quarterback was. So what do you do? They felt like if he didn’t want the title to be a backup, you have to move on.

Bad move by Daunte. Rodgers may be the starter now, but he’s far from an established guy. There’s a very good chance of him falling on his face, in which case Daunte would’ve been poised to step right in and play the hero…and gotten a shot at revenge against the Purple.

On the list of things that have hurt Daunte’s career, his own stubbornness ranks slightly above the knee injury.

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  • Luft Krigare

    This is convincing me even more that Wonderlic tests actually do have value. Hope Daunte likes watching the game on TV like the rest of us.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i think you guys are the one that made the mistake. you think you got a qb now in jackson????? culpepper was better and you all know it. the joke around the league is, “favre retires, and hell, greenbay still has the best qb in the nfc north, and he’s never started.” it ain’t me sayin it, it’s everyone else. and you guys want to knock culpepper???? yeah, right. hope booty was a good pick, cause your gonna need him

  • da2213viking28

    man culpepper was good for one reason dude. Randy moss. his numbers are horrible since losing his only target. and dont blame the knee either. theres a reason hes back up

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i just think that culpepper was the starter and even when moss left he could have done fine with you guys. you still tried the same offensive scheme, with no MOSS. that was the problem. not culpepper, no moss. if culppy would have had a running game developed for him he would have been effective. the vikes tried to keep him going down field with NOTHING to throw down field to. no carter, no moss, what the hell did they think was going to happen to him at that point? hell with moss and carter, I could have completed a damn pass in that offence! minn. made a mistake, they pulled the plug to soon on him, and then gave him away. i live in n.iowa and hear and breathe viking shit around here all day long. most of the fans around this area think the same, the “press” made it sound as though people wanted him gone, they were actually in shock when he was. and most here now feel uneasy about jackson. they talk big but in their guts they lack the confidence in him. i go to one game every year at the dome, and the fans scream to get his ass out of there at every game. they’ll be howlin this year for booty, just watch and see.