Daunte Culpepper is Just Sad

Daunte Culpepper has confirmed reports that he turned down a 1-year, $1 million offer to back up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

“It just wasn’t good for either side,” Daunte explained, adding, “I’m just waiting for the right situation for me. I’m in talks with a couple of different teams right now.”

Daunte insists that he wants to be a starter.  So what he’s saying is that there are a couple of different teams willing to at least give him a shot at being the #1 quarterback.  And these are Arena League teams?

Daunte’s problem of course is that he’s not the most diligent worker in the world.  He was MVP-caliber for a time with the Vikings because he had years to learn the system, and because he had Scott Linehan babysitting him.  To go to a new team and learn a whole offense in time to start when the season begins?  That would be hard for someone who worked their ass off…and Daunte does not work his ass off.

Daunte needs to get in tune with reality, take whatever job anyone is willing to offer him, work at it, then be ready in case of injury.  That’s the only way he’s getting back in.  No one in the NFL is silly/desperate enough to give him a crack at their starting job in camp.  Except maybe the Bears.

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  • http://www.vikingsvalhalla.com Luft Krigare

    He just might have a shot at winning a starting job with the Bad News Bears.  Boy, would that be fun to watch and see how many “one sack at a time” sacks would racked up by the front five and then to watch Sharper and Boulware gather in the picks from the rushed throws.

  • da2213viking28

    first off williams is gonna be back there with sharper not boulware . i think boulware is here to learn all he can cuz he mite take sharpers job next year, if we dont resign sharper. if culpepper does start for the bears then well i like our chances with our division. Tarvaris would have the 2nd most experiance with his team starting. culpepper will have to learn the offense again, aaron rodgers is learning the starting role as well. so that means kitna would would have the most time. but they were 7-9. so no needs too worry  

  • Vance

    It is sad cause Daunte really is a nice guy who had a moron for an agent. My bud I coached and taught with in Ocala was Daunte’s offensive coordinater. He  provided our new HS program with all the $ they needed for a new team and broought in a bunch of former NFLers’s(including the late Reggie White) to teach the kids how to use the computers he bought for an elementary school. I don’t think he realizes how much he isolated himself by listening to to his agent Ashe. You don’t ask for a huge contract extension after injuring a knee then working out at a Orlando strip mall rather than the therapists his employer wants him to work with. Turning down the Peckers was stupid or he knew he didn’t have the stuff to win the job from an upstart.
    I wish my bud could talk to him. I’ll try and call and see if I can get an update as they still talk.