Game Thread - Vikings vs. Titans

First off the inactives.  For the Vikings:  Ray Edwards has been deactivated and Otis Grigsby will start at left defensive end.  Edwards injured his shoulder in the Carolina game, briefly left, then returned.  Brian Robison is expected to see time at left end as well.  Also…special teams ace Vinny Ciurciu is out with a knee injury.  Thomas Tapeh, one of the Vikings’ off-season signings, will also be inactive – what a loser signing that has turned out to be.  Madieu Williams, Marcus McCauley, Drew Radovich and Jeff Dugan will also not dress.  Sidney Rice will play but not start.

The Titans’ inactives:

WR Paul Williams (loved him in Phantom of the Paradise)

RB Chris Henry

LB Stanford Keglar

OT Mike Otto

WR Lavelle Hawkins

DE William Hayes

DT Kevin Vickerson

Weather could be a factor in this game.  It is currently 77 in Nashville and the high is expected to top out at 84 with sunny skies.  This could have a huge effect on the linemen for both teams.  Let’s hope guys remember to hydrate enough.

Game on.  Titans come out looking very frisky on offense.  Picking on Cedric Griffin’s side.  That’s going to be everyone’s gameplan.

Titans take a 3-0 lead.  Could’ve had 7 but the guy couldn’t keep his feet in.  Our D didn’t look very stout there.  Otis Grigsby got some nice pressure.  Secondary looked clueless.

Tahi fumbles it away to Tennessee.  Has he been getting pointers from Visanthe Shiancoe?

10-0 Titans.  Our defensive line is getting owned.  Maybe the heat is too much for them.

Touchdown Adrian Peterson.  10-7.  AD’s hammy looks okay I think.  What was that I said in my pregame deal about a low-scoring game?

13-7 Titans.  I’m a bit confused by Tennessee’s play calling.  They’re destroying us with the pass, then they hand it off inside the redzone?  And where the hell is Jared Allen in this game?  All he does is get called for offsides or jump on a pile after the play is well over.

Frerotte sacked to force the 4th down.  Some head-scratching play calls in that sequence.  And Gus is apparently hurt.  Get ready for T-Jack!!!

And…the defense at last forces a punt.  Unfortunately, E.J. Henderson just got driven off the field on a cart.  He has some kind of foot-related injury.  It appears Gus Frerotte is all right, which is good news, cause we have no chance of coming back with Jackson.

Adrian Peterson fumbles the ball away.  This is not going well.

Big fourth-down gamble by Fisher.  Gage clearly did not have the first down – Childress challenged and lost.  Robbed.  Fleeced.  Screwed.  Titans convert to make it 20-7.  Ridiculous.

How about getting the play off before the 2 minute warning Gus?  Jesus Christ are you RETARDED?

20-10.  Gus looks gimpy.  Assuming we hold them to no points in the last minute of the half, the Vikes will get the ball first in the 2nd half with a chance to get it within one score.

Could’ve got it to 20-13 but Longwell missed the long field goal.  Let’s just be glad Tennessee didn’t get it down close and at least kick a field goal to end the half, cause I honestly thought that was going to happen.  Nice to see E.J. back out there.  Guess it was a Paul Pierce deal.

A 3-and-out with two pre-snap penalties to start off the second half.  Way to come out and grab the momentum, Vikes.

Vikes force a 3-and-out.  Tennessee insists on throwing to Winfield’s side even though he’s totally shutting down whoever he’s on.  Did they forget what was working in the first half?

Another 3-and-out for the Purple.  Frerotte got called for delay of game.  His clock awareness needs work.

23-10.  They really couldn’t afford to give up that field goal.  That one hurt.  At least Jared made a play in that sequence.  Maybe he thought the game started at 3.

Adrian has a great run and then…nothing.  Penalties.  Where’s the veteran poise?

Nice quick stop for the Purple.  They’ve been blitzing more in the second half and it’s having an effect.  Too bad the offense can’t cash in.

Frerotte fumbles the snap and Tennessee recovers.  You can’t make this crap up.

Another good defensive sequence by the Vikes.  But so what?  We can’t move the ball.  Our offense is like a sputtery old jalopy.

Nothing again for the Vikes on offense.  Why are we running on 2nd and long down by 13 in the fourth quarter?  Hello?  Childress?  Are you paying attention to the game?

Titans punt again.  Tennessee elected to throw a lot, and almost no time came off the clock.  They know we can’t do anything anyway.

Vikings score, cutting it to 23-17.  Bernard Berrian with the big catch.  Adrian with the TD run.  Vanden Bosch called for roughing the passer after trying to drive Frerotte’s gonads up into his chest cavity.  Lame dude.  The no-huddle worked crisply and well.  A defensive stop now and…maybe.

And of course we give up a huge return.  Yup.  Predictable as hell.

The Vikings hold.  Antoine Winfield and Darren Sharper both almost had a pick.  Unfortunately the Purple is pinned way deep.

You burn your last timeout trying to avoid a delay of game on the first play of the series?  What a stupid bunch of losers this team has.

Interception ends the last-ditch attempt.  Frerotte goes to the turf, bleeding.  Over.  Vikings are 1-3.

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