Kyle Vanden Bosch is a Reprehensible Dirtbag

Gus Frerotte has called out Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch over a low hit that left the Vikings‘ QB curled up in an agonized ball on the LP Field turf.  “It was a direct shot,” Frerotte said. “That just isn’t called for in this game. To take and just spear somebody like that. That’s pretty ridiculous. I mean, the guy plays hard and he goes all out, but he wants to do those kind of things.

“I’ve been playing this game a long time and that’s no different than a guy coming off the side and hitting you in the knee without anybody touching him. Those kinds of things just can’t happen.”

Vanden Bosch was called for roughing the passer on the play.  This helped the Vikings at the time, giving them a first down that allowed them to subsequently punch it into the endzone and cut the fourth quarter deficit to 23-17. Vanden Bosch was unapologetic.  “Unfortunately it could have cost us the game,” he said. “It was a big penalty. If I hit him low I need to use better judgment. But I felt like it was a clean play.”

In what league is driving your helmet into a man’s jewels a clean play?  The National Shameless Scumbag League? Vanden Bosch needs to be fined if not suspended.  Jesus, what is it about Tennessee Titans linemen?  If it isn’t Albert Haynesworth trying to stomp guys’ heads it’s Vanden Bosch attempting to flatten their testicles.  Do the coaches there teach that kind of stuff?  The whole organization needs to be investigated.  What a bunch of bush-leaguers.

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  • nick

    you’ve got to be kidding me? over-reacting a bit are we? a touch mad about traveling down to nashville only to have your butts kicked up and down the field all afternoon? because that my friend, is the definition of bush league.
    did you even see the play? he was going about half speed and dove at gus, when his hips opened up towards kvb and the crown of his helmet hit in the upper thigh/lower groin. come on dude, it’s pretty sad if that’s all you got. “the whole organization needs to be investigated.” really? for what? tackling? do you even know the back story to the gurode incident? that the dude was going after knees all game and it finally set haynesworth off. doesn’t make it right, but it does make it understandable. not to mention, that you’ve got one of the dirtiest d-linemen in the league up there in allen. i mean, that guy is just nasty. so listen, before you start talking shit about someone after reading what you’re whimpy qb had to say about it, maybe you should see what really happened.

    here is the recap and video (and pay special attention to what “prime time” says about the hit):

  • danzinski

    You didn’t seriously just cite Deion Sanders as an authority on something did you?  Oh man…

  • nick

    yes, as a joke. the only thing deion is an authority on is neon.

  • purple_panzies

    you lost…
    stop whining…

  • Titans Fan aka Mrs.Hardy

    LOL Nick!!! You’re just mad because you got you ass’s kicked boofuckinghoo get over it; quit being such pussies its football for christ sakes. I’m sure he was not aiming for your precious little smokey but shit happens you’ll be alright.

  • nick

    all these titans fans need to come talk to me on as well. if you’re looking for vikings commentary, well dan’s got that covered pretty well here, but if you are looking to talk some titans football check me out at