Play Calling Ripped

The MNF crew ripped Brad Childress and the Vikings for conservative play calling and lack of urgency with time running out in the first half.  The Vikings had the ball after a Chad Greenway interception to stifle a New Orleans scoring chance, then marched methodically – too methodically, perhaps – down the field to give themselves a couple shots at the endzone with time expiring.  The Vikes ended up settling for a field goal to give themselves a 20-10 lead.  Ron Jaworski, Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico spent much of this drive crushing Childress and the offense for looking too nonchalant when they should’ve been trying to stick a knife in New Orleans (who have killed themselves all half as bad as the Vikings killed themselves in the Tennessee game).  Unfortunately, I think we’ve already established that this is just Childress’s personality – he doesn’t go for the jugular.  He’s constitutionally opposed to the notion of aggressiveness, which is sort of funny since he’s a head coach in a game that’s all about testosteronal macho stuff.  The team never seems to have that fire in its gut and I believe this derives from the coach who is the most vanilla individual the Lord ever created.  You know you’re a putz when even Tony Kornheiser is calling you out for not having a killer instinct.

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  • JPD

    the play calling is fucking bullshit.  Chester is in on EVERY MOTHERFUCKING THIRD DOWN!!  Why are we not using AP as a receiver?!!?

    I could coach this team better.

    I’ve had his back, but enough is enough.
    Childress had a chance to put this game away in the first half and again played to not lose.

    And we could at least be draining the clock and reducing the amount of time Drew Brees has to completely assfuck us with his ability.

    Childress better be gone tomorrow morning, or I’m going to eat his fucking children.

  • danzinski

    Kid meat is pretty tough.  I was pretty sure Chilly wouldn’t get canned in-season before but now I’m changing my mind.  There’s something really wrong with this team.  It makes incredible plays and has crazy breaks go its way and still it plays flat.  And this punt coverage…well, what can you say?

  • HeaveHo

    I would have to agree.  My wife watched the game with me and she was calling the plays before they happen.  My wife doesn’t understand everything about football, but when she can guess the plays its time so someone to go.

    It seems like Gus needs to get new contacts as well.  He overthrew and underthrew alot of balls tonight.  

  • mark

    I agree Childress  should be fired.  I was furious last night at the end of the first half, not going for a touchdown when there was plenty of time and timeouts.  Just think, if the Saints had made the FG at the end of the game, they would have gone up by 3, instead of being down by 1, if the Vikings had made a TD instead of a FG at the end of the half. 

  • Chris

    Was it just me, or were you guys about to shit a hammer to when Bush took the 2nd punt back?? WTF?? Either we DO SOMETHING about our ST or Devin Hester is going to torch us. Other than that, horrific play calling, AD having an off day, Ferrotte overthrowing guys, the DB’s getting raped every pass play, and Jared Allen disapointing every single one of us viking fans AGAIN for the 2nd week in a row…..great game. ha.

  • cbp

    What is it about the coaching and the p;lay calling once the team gets in the red zone?  They move the ball great between the 20′s but once they hit the red zone it is as if Brad Childress gets scared.  It’s alway s or appears to look that way, three running plays and then looking at 3 and long adn they have to settel for a field goal.  It was the end of the the first ohalf only and they should have gone at least twice for the endzone in the game vs the Saints, but nooooo…….Childress wet his pants in fear once they hit the redzone and said field goal, field goal, field goal, which sounds like his scoring mantra this season.

    Hopefully the team will say ^%$# you awe want to score, and then put up some touchdowns.  But that may be too much hoping. 

  • danzinski

    Red zone is all about pass protection.  The line has to give the QB time to wait for his receivers to work open and…well, our line isn’t doing that.