Daunte Does Detroit

PFT’s super-secret sources (not Daunte himself this time apparently) say former Vikings Pro Bowl QB Daunte Culpepper will sign a two-year contract with the Detroit Lions and report to the team on Monday.  Culpepper will switch his jersey from 8 back to 11, the number he wore in Minnesota.  Expect Daunte to dispatch an email as soon as the contract is signed.  The question now is:  How much playing time will Culpepper actually get in Detroit?  Yes they’ve been terrible, but I thought Dan Orlovsky was coming along pretty well the last couple of games.  I guess if you’re the Lions you figure it’s worth a roll of the dice.  At any rate, Daunte looks like he’s back in the NFC North.  The Vikes play the Lions at Ford Field December 7th.

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