Packers Punk Out

The Packers had a chance to do their Viking brothers a really big favor last night and beat the Bears, catapulting the Vikings into the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the Packers found converting a 38-yard field goal at the end of the game too challenging and the Bears wound up winning in overtime.  Now the Vikings will have to either beat the Giants or have the Bears lose to Houston if they want to claim the division crown.

Before this weekend, I was pretty confident the Vikes were going to make the post-season, but now?  I’m shaky.  Not quite as shaky as Adrian Peterson‘s grip on the ball, but getting there.  Prevailing over the Giants will be a tall order, and though Houston has had a decent season, I don’t feel all that safe pinning my hopes on their ability to defeat a highly-motivated Chicago team.  I have begun feeling that sensation all Vikings fans know so well – the sense of imminent choking, gagging, puking, stumbling, fumbling doom we’ve all been conditioned to experience once the stakes get high.

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  • Boomer

    I love the fact that you Vi-Queen fans had to root for the Packers on Modnay night.  Too bad they couldn’t help your cause.  Looks like you’ll have to do it yourselves b/c the Bears will not lose to Houston.  Don’t fumble away the North title!!!

    GO BEARS!!!

  • danzinski

    I pray for the Vikings to win the division and the Bears to steal the wild card and for the fates to bring the Bears back to the Metrodome in the playoffs so we can kick your asses again.

  • jeege

    I wrote about five different insults and Bears jokes before I came up with this little gem and decided to post it:

    Fuck the Bears!

    Go Vikes!

    Recent Viking history is just that: History.

    I hope they put em away early this weekend! Show em whats up in the first quarter and make em wonder why they’re playing. Maybe they’ll fall asleep like the Cardinals did in New England this week. Seriously, were those football players out there? Or just a bunch of bodyguards FOR football players that got paid to play this sunday in place of the team.

    Anyway, I want to see that look in the Giants eyes this weekend!

  • vikes98

    Tom Coughlin says he’ll play to win vs. the Vikings, even with home-field advantage clinched.

    I actually like what coughlin said. I don’t want the Giants to easily give us a chance to win a playoff spot. It just makes us look bad. Look what happen to the titans last year, What a joke! Seriously this the vikings chance to prove everyone they belong in the playoffs! Unlike the bears, they rather have it easy… we don’t want a team like that to be in the playoffs. The vikes are a good team this year and I know they can do it! Freakin vikes fans always give up on them easily. And i’m so sick of the FIRE BRAD CHILDRESS! seriously do u think he caused those fumbles? nooo we would of owned the falcons! Lets just hope we win all the way and i hope the falcons win all the way too so we can meet them in the NFC championship and beat them how the 98 vikings were suppose to kill them!

  • AustinVike

    I would love to see Eli Manning go down during the game, and Tom Coughlin to simultaneously put  his  foot  in  his  mouth.

    Seriously, the cockiness head coaches’ exhibit is ridiculous sometimes – why would you ever, ever, play your first team in a game that doesn’t matter regardless of having a week off or not.

    Fan pressure – that’s why.

    If Childress allowed the Vikes to rest in the same situation, all hell would break loose.  All the damn (dumbass) Vikings fans who constantly call for his firing would be up in arms over a “gimme” to the Giants.

    I always wonder why some fans can’t see the big, or bigger, picture?  A win over a terrible team when you’ve clinched a playoff berth does absolutely nothing except risk injuring the players that got you there in the first place.

    So I say – bring it on.  Eli, Jacobs, Ward, injury in the 2nd quarter – Giants post season ruined, end of story.

    Be cocky, pay the price.


  • MnVike

    For those that are calling for Childress’ job and the guy that defends him. No Childress doesn’t cause the fumbles and the turnovers and no Marinelli doesn’t miss the tackles but how about the false starts and discipline penalties. By the way what does Childress do?

  • http://BloggingDirty The Dirty Bird

    The issue with coaches is usually just based on conjecture. One they are not usually responsible for anything more than playcalling and team preparation outside of that there isn’t much sway win or lose over the game. Afterall just like MnVike says they aren’t the ones missing tackles out there but that goes along with being prepared as well. It is a very fine line when you fire a coach if his team underperforms because it is usually because of a myriad of reasons why one team succeeds and why another fails. But in most cases I tend to find that few coaches are effective after 5 more more years. That is the mark of a good coach or a not so good coach.