Vikings are NFC North Champions in Spite of Their Own Stupidity

Congrats to the Vikings on clinching their first-ever NFC North title and their first playoff berth since 2004.  They beat the Giants on a last-second field goal by Ryan Longwell after Brad Childress and his coaching staff and players demonstrated their genius by nearly allowing the clock to run out before the kick could be attempted.  Okay, so the Vikes beat the Giants by scoring on their second-stringers in the second half, and in the process nearly gave the game away by not seeming to know what they were doing with time running out.  But they’re in the playoffs.  That’s what matters.  Right?

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  • joe

    I can’t understand it. Its almost like gremlins in the way. Simply uncalled for. Oh yeah by the way WWWWWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Del

    A win is a win for sure right?  Didn’t you “need” to see TJ put that ball in the endzone?  Why am I not confident in Offensive outcomes for the Vikings and why am I expecting much more than what I just saw today?  Didn’t we play a mostly 2nd string team in the 2nd half and could very well have lost that game?  We’ll crush the Wildcard team next week right?