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Over and Out

The Vikings‘ season ended this afternoon with a 26-14 loss to the Eagles.  The Viking defense put forth a valiant effort but one huge play by Brian Westbrook trashed all that.  Meanwhile, the Eagles defense completely shut down Tarvaris Jackson, Adrian Peterson and the Viking offense in the second half.  The biggest factor of all may have been the punting and punt coverage which conspired to tip the field position advantage too far in Philly’s favor.  That needs to be shored up for next season for sure…but, there will be plenty of time to talk about that stuff later.  Many months in fact.

I’ll be curious to hear what all the armchair quarterbacks on the call-in shows and message boards have to say about this one in the immediate aftermath.  Too simple to just hang it on Brad Childress and the offensive gameplan.  The Eagles have a great defense and today that defense was just too much for a quarterback making his first career playoff start.  The Philly offense wasn’t particularly impressive but Westbrook, a great player to be sure, made a great play when it was needed.  And though Donovan McNabb had pressure in his face all day, he was able to do enough to get his team the win.  The experience advantage at quarterback made all the difference in this game.

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  • jimbo

    ya vikings can’t hang thats all you got is a running back thats get a good play once maybe twice a game go philly

  • AustinVike

    Two things, now that the season is finally over, and the final nail has been driven into the coffin for the 47th Year in a row.

    Childress – out.

    You can’t blame him solely for the performance today.  But you sure can place alot of the blame on Childress, for his poor clock management and play calling.

    We should probably start looking for a new punter, and possibly a new QB as well…

    Not sure what else to say after watching this travesty of a 2nd half.

    Brian Westbrook is their only big time weapon, just as AD is ours – and he broke loose on one well crafted/executed play, the broke the back of the defense.

    He’s not a superstar though – he’s above average at best…

  • mk

    The Viking def. played well.  The offense sucks.  As if it was not clear before, the QBs both suck.  This must be the primary area of focus begining RIGHT NOW. The gameplan sucked because the QB executing it sucks.  I rarely saw a pass across the middle and this was by design.  Yes give much credit to Jim Johnson and the Eagles but the Viking’s organization is to blame.  Cannot convert on 3rd and five….If I saw that stat one more time I was going to puke. 

    One more season for Childress….if he does not address the QB situation in the off-season with a legitimate Free Agent, then run him out of town.

  • AustinVike

    Thanks Jimbo, for that incredible observation.

    We already know it though.

    Congrats anyway, on the win today.

  • danzinski

    Jackson’s numbers in this game were only slightly worse than Tony Romo’s in that last regular season game.  Let’s hope T-Jack doesn’t pass out in the shower.

  • billy

    year after year of this crap.35 years of suffering with no end in sight.we will never win anything with this bum at qb.find the next matt ryan in the draft and get rid of this guy.

  • LabDancer

    “Too simple to just hang it on Brad Childress and the offensive gameplan”.

    No it’s not. The Vikes D was first rate, especially the line, and the O line was at least as strong as the Iggles coming at them. Every single time the Brain [dead] Trust gave Jackson the opportunity to move out of the pocket and run play action – meaning exactly 5 times, his athletic advantage showed and the Vikes got a first down or close to it. Setting up Tavaris like an urban sapling among the hulking cementheads and shortening Adrian’s career by turning him into a crash test dummy isn’t ‘less than optimal’: it’s flagrantly wasteful.

    The Hills are Alive with the sound of Talented Head Coaches. 

    Fire Brad Childress.

  • LabDancer

    Or at least move his picture off the same page as Bud’s.

  • Darkover0_0

    LabDancer, I agree with the coaching assessment, and most of the rest.  However, we need a right tackle, a punter, another wide out, and a QB as I watched Jackson regress to former form.  Free agency or trade, I don’t think we have a shot at a good QB in the draft.  Also, Childress has no game plan, no imagination, no ability to correct.  He is a sad excuse for a head coach.