Shove it, Mike Florio

Mike Florio revels in his reputation as one of the top provocateurs on the sports internet, and I have to confess I find the guy pretty amusing even though I know 90% of what he posts is bullcrap.  There’s a limit to that amusement though and I think I found it this morning when I read his post about a video that’s surfaced of Mike Tice whooping it up with some fans – a video Florio claims shows Tice is a drunk and therefore not qualified to get a head coaching opportunity.  Here’s the video…you decide if you think Tice looks the least bit inebriated:

I live in Wisconsin so I know drunk…and that ain’t drunk. That’s happy. I don’t know why Florio would claim Tice looked drunk unless he had it in for Tice because he’s a Vikings fan who thinks the team’s reputation got run down over stuff that happened while Tice was coach, some of which wasn’t Tice’s direct fault. Anyone who thinks this video proves Tice isn’t qualified to be a coach is a flaming idiot. If acting silly with fans makes you unqualified to be associated with an NFL team, well, then Zygi Wilf needs to sell the Vikings:

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  • http://PewterPlank Dustin Staggers

    Whether or not he is drunk in this picture I’m not sure of.  There is one thing I do know though, before our game vs the Jaguars last year (Bucs v Jags), Tice was at the bar on Saturday night taking multiple shots of Patron….at 2 freaking am.  Ya, we had a game at 1.  Tice is a drunken shitty coach.  

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey was carl eller drunk the other day too????????????????? LA VIKINGS

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    LA VIKINGS 2010

  • http://landryhat LA VIKINGS


  • tom

    You are absolutely right, there is nothing that makes him even appear close to drunk.  He has no booze in hand, and seems to be just having fun with some wasted fans, big deal, what football fans aren’t drunk (j/k)  That was a complete waste for him to post it online and hopefully it doesn’t hurt tice.

  • http://landryhat LA VIKINGS

    how can you hurt tice any worse than he already has done to himself even before this stupid video…….LA VIKINGS