Pats Not Trading Cassel?

All the speculation about the Vikings trying to acquire Matt Cassel may be moot…cause the Patriots may not in fact be looking to deal the quarterback at all.  Per Adam Schefter:

Now that QB Matt Cassel has signed his $14.65 million non-exclusive franchise tender — the largest guarantee on a one-year contract in the history of the NFL — some around the league believe it’s 95 percent that he remains in New England.

95%?  That’s pretty dang high.  Of course, the skeptics will argue that this is nothing but that genius Bill Belichick trying to manipulate the market by disseminating rumors.  He has all the league insiders doing his bidding, you know.  He has pictures of them in bed with male prostitutes that he says he’ll release if they don’t play his games.  And when that doesn’t work, he knocks them out with date-rape drug, hauls them back to his lair and has them implanted with microchips.

With Cassel possibly off-the-market, you have to wonder where the Vikings will turn to solve their quarterback riddle.  Realistically, I mean.  Not in some daydream scenario where they can wrest Donovan McNabb away from the Eagles or convince Kurt Warner to come aboard.

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  • Mike

    Now that we have Cassel out of the way, the Vikes are left with either Favre or the two-headed monster of Garcia and Derek Anderson.   They will never get McNabb or Warner and they won’t want Hasselbeck, who is damaged goods (bulging back disc and shoulder).  Watch for the Jets to release Favre within a month to free salary cap space.

  • http://MusketFire Matt

    Lol, this is great.  Never think that the Patriots won’t make a deal or a move.  They will always do it if it’s in the teams best interest.  And I love when people say they “won’t do it”.  This is Belichick we are talking the master of using the ploys. 

    If Brady is ready for the season, Cassel will be dealt.  And the Patriots will get a nice package deal for him also.

    Matt – MusketFire 

  • Mike

    For Cassel, a player who has one year experience with mediocre performance, I’ve heard the Pats want a first rounder and a player like Chester Taylor and Cassel wants at least $40 million over 5 years.   That sounds like the Hershel Walker and Scott Mitchell trades rolled into one. 

  • Ryan


  • Kurt

    NO NO NO Brett Favre!  What makes anyone think he will be an improvement??  Not only do you have to deal with the interceptions but his arm is shot as well.  NO!

  • Mike

    What makes the Vikings think the expensive Cassel is any better than Booty?  Both played for USC but Booty started.  Cassel just has 2 more years of training in a completely different type of offense at NE and one year of experience with great WRs and yet produced a much worse performance  than his predecessor (16-0 to 11-5 and 50 to 21 TD passes).

  • Mike

    Billy wants Chilly to believe his former 7 round pick Cassel is worth former 6 round pick Chester Taylor and a FIRST round pick (Gee he should be able to get a really good young QB with that).   Meanwhile, Chilly is just suppose to concede his former 5 round pick Booty won’t measure up to Billy’s former 7 round pick Cassel after Booty started at USC and Cassel sat on the bench.  If you threw anybody including Booty or Cassel into the Pats offense they would come out looking pretty good.  Come on, this has sucker written all over it.  The rich will get richer.

  • Mike

    Cassel is now saying he wants to get traded right away.  Has anyone considered that Billy is trying to increase Cassel’s trade value by saying he wants him when he doesn’t?  He could be hiding the fact Brady will be fine in his typical phoney injury reports.  I would love to see Billy eat that salary cap money.