Falcons Will Trade Michael Vick

Everyone already knew the Falcons would try to trade Michael Vick, especially after the emergence of Matt Ryan, but today the whole thing became official when GM Thomas Dimitroff said the following:

With regards to Michael Vick, we’ve decided to seek a trade of his contractual rights to another NFL club. We took a number of steps in the 2008 season, including using our first pick to draft a quarterback.  We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it’s also in the best interest of Michael.  This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don’t envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it’s reached a resolution.

Of course Vick is still in Leavenworth.  He has to get out of jail then get reinstated by the league before he can even try getting back into playing shape.  Being suspended obviously doesn’t prevent a guy getting traded, as we learned during the Pacman Jones saga, so if some team wanted to float a low draft pick out there for a guy they may or may not ever get to use…well, they can do it.  I personally wouldn’t touch the guy with a hundred-foot pole, but then I’ve never been the forgiving sort.

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  • http://iqfb.com/nfl/minnesota-vikings Mark

    While most people thought this day would come, I can’t see there being much of a market for Vick until a number of factors are determined including will he be in good physical shape and will he be in good mental shape.  Plus, throw in the factor that you are looking for a club that either is already thinking they want an offense where the QB runs first, or they want to switch to that kind of offense and you narrow the desirable teams down further.  The final step though is that NFL teams are going to wait and see if the public has softened their stance on Vick.  Maybe Vick will have to show a little public remorse for his crime and not the fact that he got caught or what punishment he got.  I can’t see an NFL team trading for a guy who will be an automatic PR nightmare, possibly to the point of picketing demonstrations in front of their stadium and even their practice facilities.

    Do I think that Vick will be back in the NFL?  Definitely.  I just can’t see someone trading for him right now, because doing so opens the team up to public charges that they think his crimes were not that big of a deal.

  • PhilippVikingsFan

    Any notice Michael Vick and Tarvaris Jackson are completely the same. They both like to run, they both have a strong arm, they aren’t very consistent when they throw, and they both wear the same number.  If Vikings decided to grab Michael Vick… well they’re gonna have a Tarvaris Jackson part 2!

  • Kevin Carlson

    Are you kidding me?  Michael Vick would be a perfect quarterback for the Vikings.  Can you imagine Vick and Peterson running around on the same field?  Now that the Vikings have a big play receiver in Bernard Berrien, they would have a complete offense.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan


  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dave,  you got it right that Vick isn’t the answer for the Vikings right now. Sure, he could whip himself in shape because of his great athletic ability, but he would only add to our running game with AP, we need a guy who can throw the football with accuracy, and Vick never was a great passer in Atlanta. Then you add the fact that he’s not a fan favorite ,with all the trouble he’s had outside of football, now you bring a recipe for disaster by signing him, you might as well sign Pacman Jones as well.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes, the vikings would make a mistake in signing him. he now belongs in canada or lke the UFL. if he ever gets back to the nfl, he’ll have to earn that right with the fans. but that will take some time. everyone deserves another chance when they prove they deserve it. he has’nt done that part yet. he served his time yes, but he has some repairing to do in my opinion, and i think that is public opinon as well. but inevetably someone will take a chance on him again

  • Danny

    Vick + Vikings = Super Bowl. 

    Go Vikings.

  • Ryan

    lock up your puppies!!!!

  • Neela

    I have been a Viking’s fan all my life, but if they sign Michael Vick I will wash my hands of them! Vick is a sick piece of s%&t and shouldn’t ever be allowed back in the NFL. I would sooner have some ‘roid freak than that dog killer! Don’t do it Childress!!!!

  • green

    let  the  live  he  did not kill anyone

  • green

    let  the man   live  he did  not   kill  anyone

  • ApolloCreed

    Vick, like every human made some mistakes in his life.  Vick, like most professional athletes doesn’t make small mistakes, they’re huge; added to that is celebrity status which amplifies and makes every misdeed seem many times worse simply because it’s force fed into the public eye.  The man deserves another chance,  and I would be ecstatic if the Vikings were the team to give it to him… 
    As far as him not being in shape to play… I see the concern, but Childress did go public and say that he’s looking for someone to challenge Tavaris, make him fight for his starting spot…  The addition of Vick to the Vikings would not only force Tavaris to fine tune his game, but give Vick a reason to pull himself together and really prove himself in a way he’s never had to before…. Simply put, both would have to reach their respective potentials much quicker.  It’d be less a matter of who’s starting and more like. “If you screw around, throw a pick, or fumble the football, you sit!”
    Long story short, Guys tend to play with more heart when their job is on the hook.  

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Apollo, you can’t be serious, can you? Sure we all make mistakes and deserve second chances, but as Dallas Dave stated, Vick has to earn respect back again before any NFL team would touch him, plus add to the fact that he’s not a pocket passer, he’s more of a running QB. Now with Jay Cutler rumored to be disgruntled with Denver, I’d be surprised if the Vikings did’nt jump on the chance to trade two-first rounders, and Jackson as part of the deal. Vick’s game won’t change, he was a great athlete at one time, but lacked accurate passing skills, as does Tavaras Jackson, to be a top rated QB in the NFL. Let Buffalo pick Vick up, they seem pretty desparate lately. We need a guy who can wing the ball with accuracy and Cutler is the right choice, period. 

  • Chuck

    Tarvaris reminds me of Quincy Carter of the Cowboys minus his personal problems

  • vikings

    Who let the dogs out
    (woof, woof, woof, woof)
    (woof, woof, woof, woof)
    (woof, woof, woof, woof)
    (woof, woof, woof, woof)

  • Jordan Kath

    Simple. TAKE VICK! Lets think here, we sign him and he goes bad, oh well release him, but let him pass by and become a pro bowler at an opposing team? Another point we have a man with many d.w.i.’s in Jared Allen who has kept it clean and kicked some butt in the meantime, and just drafted a kid who tested positive for marijuana, we’re giving him a second chance. Why did we take these two? Because there electrfyfing hands down they can make plays. Vick is quite possibly the most electryfying player to play the game. For the people that say he is not in football shape, all he has been doing for the last two years is working out. He could possibly be in the best shape of his life. Also in the last part of hi career the accuracy problem and became a better pocket passer. Why not take a chance he is a great football player no one here can deny that and do the math. Adrian Peterson + Bernard Berrian + Percy Harvins + Michael Vick? It might not pass through just because it wouldn’t be fare. No one could slow down the Vikings offense while everyone will be hitting the defensive wall,  maybe they can do what no other Viking team could, win a Super Bowl. Childress do it, make the right decision, push for Vick, get him and bring home a title. We all could use a ring couldn’t we? TAKE VICK CHILDRESS. TAKE VICK. TAKE VICK. TAKE VICK. TAKE VICK.

  • Umbra

    If the Vikings were smart they would bring in Vick period…from a pure football stand point, Vick would do far more then any QB available to put the Vikings into the Super bowl. B.S aside, most folks don’t know what they are talking about with regards to Vick. Being a Falcon Fan, Matt Ryan was really not better, any body that clams that is lying or blind. Vick was the team when he played for the Falcons. Receivers would routinely drop wide open passes for touchdowns. The line could not block at all. He made Warrick Dunn look like a freaking HOF running back. The current falcons had a true featured back in Turner, who is the real MVP of the team, not Ryan. Turner was the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL with over 10 TD and pretty much did not get *any* respect, while the media crowned Ryan as the reason that the Falcons turned around. It really was Turner. If Vick ever had a back like that, he (turner) would run for over 2000 yards easy.
    Vick freezes the entire back side of the defense, they can not flow to the ball…because they have to respect his boot action. This leaves HUGE gapping holes and lanes for explosive backs to run through, and that is why the Falcons lead the league pretty much every year in rushing….with Dunn as the featured back.
    Now replace Dunn with A.P. There is no comparison. If I was Peterson I would be yelling at the top of my lungs to have this guy. He is not like T. Jackson. There is no comparison. Vick as 4.3 speed, and his arm was the strongest the NFL when we was playing. Add Havin, Berrian,Taylor, that O-line and your defense and you guys are going to be at the top to contend for the title. No team would be able to stop your running game, even with 8 in the box. You could even run the Wildcat, and the Spead offense to throw teams off. The passing game would not be high percentage, but Berrian  and Havin would have a lot of guys one on one, with that safety in the box!!! With Vick laser cannon arm, teams would have some real issues.
    Really, I know it the in thing to bash and throw Vick under the bus for his past actions. But he has paid is dues, he did his time. This is America, and he should get a 2nd shot…and he will have a huge chip on his shoulders to prove himself.
    What do you guys have to lose. The time is now… you just don’t get players like this for pretty much free this often. His athletic ability is going to still be there… he has had 2 years of working out and a lot of time to think. He will be humbled…

  • http://goldberg roger hanley

    Michael Vick I can see at Seahawks  with his former coach

  • http://goldberg roger hanley


  • Mike

    No Vick to the Seahawks.  Seattle is rated the fifth best city in the US for dogs.

  • Tommy

    You guys are silly if you think Michael Vick wouldn’t be an assett. His 80% is better than most people’s 100%. The guy paid his debt to society, he did prison time, lost years of his life, his life as he knew it will never be the same. The guy will be playing for more than a football victory. This whole situation will only make him a stronger, more humble person mentally. And we all know 2 years in prison can have a positive affect on you physically. I guarantee he punishes teams that pass him up!

  • Vikingsfan

    Vick would hands down be a better player then Favre could ever be again. People that say Vick would not be in good shape have no idea what 2 years in prison can do to a person’s body and shape. Think about it what is there to do in prison besides work out and educate or better yourself. I He could easily be in as good of shape if not better. Yes Favre has been the greatest QB in the NFL at one time. But that time has passed and it’s time for him to go home and relax. He sure is not worth anywhere close to 10 million. If so the packers would have kept him. We pick Vick up for 1 million or so. Turns the Vikings into a franchise cause they are unstoppable for years instead of one hit wonders with Favre. While looking for a better QB If we are willing to chance 10 million on a very unsure player why not 1 million or so on a player that could create a franchise. Also I have heard comments about AP not wanting Vick because it would hurt his game. Think about it people!! It would most likely increase his game. They are going to have to cover the passing as well taking pressure off of Peterson making it possible to make bigger plays. Also remember that AP is mostly untouchable once he is down to 1 or 2 man coverage.  The QBs the Vikings have obviously are a joke. THE MOST WE WILL LOSE IS A COUPLE MILLION COMPARED TO 10 DOWN THE HOLE. GO VICK GO VICK GO VICK GO VICK GO VICK.

  • Mike

    You are wrong, surprise surprise while AD and Chilly are right.  Vick is a good runner, but inaccurate passer.  Vick will pull defenders into the box hurting AD.  Favre and good accurate pocket passers will pull defenders out of the box and downfield for AD.  The WCO needs accurate passers, just ask Chilly.

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