Dear Gus: No One Cares

Gus Frerotte told Sid Hartman that he thinks he deserves a chance to return to the Vikings and be the starter next season.  “I was only in the offense for six months, so I should get a lot better with another year under my belt,” the aging QB said. “I think I’ve earned the right to be a starter. It wasn’t handed to me. I went in and played well and gave everything I had to the team.”  And Brad Childress still preferred Tarvaris Jackson, who ain’t exactly Fran Tarkenton.  Sorry Gus, but when Chilly didn’t go to you in the second half against Philly…well, the writing was on the wall, wasn’t it?  If he’d had any faith in you, T-Jack would’ve been yanked.  Maybe he still should’ve pulled Jackson and let you try to get something going, but it’s all water under the bridge now.  The Vikings are evidently over you (Frerotte told Hartman he hasn’t spoken to the team in weeks), and most of the fans are too.  Now you need to get over it…and move on to your next job.

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  • Mike

    The problem with Gus is that he demands to be the starter, something no one has earned.

  • jeege

    The problem with Gus is that he’s not Josh Freeman.

  • Mike

    The Vikes need to win now.  Their West Coast Offense requires an accurate passer.  Like Booty, Freeman will likely take years to develop.  His mechanics are green.  Most significantly he has inconsistent accuracy from the pocket and throwing on the run. He needs to anticipate downfield throws better, sometimes getting the ball to his receiver a second early or late. He makes poor decisions trying to make plays that aren’t there, leading to turnovers. He doesn’t feel back-side pressure. Lacks touch on shorter throws. The ball comes out of his hands poorly at times, negating his arm strength. He sometimes pats the ball before the throws. Loose with the ball in the pocket and as a runner.

  • jeege

    What are you? A scout?

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I hate to burst Gus’s bubble, and he had a few decent games, but he’s got to face reality in that he’s had his chances, and probably wore out his welcome in Minnesota, especially throwing poor passes and interceptions. Some guys are called back-up QB’s for a reason, and Ferotte will always be a back-up, no matter where he plays. The Vikings must invest in a franchise-type QB, because no teams win Superbowls without a good QB, end of story.      

  • All Day 28

    Bye bye gus, thanks for your time. We might have went 8 and 3 with ya but you made plenty of turnovers that were very hard to overcome. Not to mention you have no scrambling skills. Insert for the next year or two Jeff Garcia. I think it it top priority to get Garcia, he knows how to run the West Coast Offense and doesnt make alot of mistakes. Hand the ball off to Peterson, make some downfield throws, manage the clock, dink and dunk, find the tight end off the roll out. Garcia can be a good band aid for the next year or so. Please Please go out and sign him