Vikings QB Rumors: Childress Doesn't Rule Out Michael Vick

Is incarcerated, dog-murdering quarterback Michael Vick in play for the Vikings or not?  Recent comments by Rick Spielman would suggest not:

I just would say that we’re very strong on our character and what type of people [we bring in].  You guys know how we’ve been about the type of players that we’ve brought in.

That was read by most as everything short of an unequivocal no on Vick.  But now we have this remark by Brad Childress, who was also asked about PETA’s favorite QB:

I really don’t get into hypotheticals because I think there’s too much water that’s got to happen. I’d cross that bridge when I come to it.

Needless to say, that particular bridge would be very shaky, and the water underneath full of nasty snapping sharks and crocodiles and all sorts of other stuff (that Michael Vick would probably like to watch fight).

To me, it would be very hard to justify a Vick trade, not only because of the controversy that would come down, but because of all the other questions that have always surrounded the guy – like whether he’s a real winning NFL quarterback or just a human highlight reel.  And remember this too:  The Falcons tried turning Vick into a west coast quarterback, and most reviews of that effort characterized it as anything from a debacle to a disaster.  To me Vick is not and never will be the answer for the Vikes.

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  • Mike

    Vick is not accurate enough to be a QB in a west coast offense.  We have enough problems with T-Jack.

  • fff32

    if we got vick it would mean that the viking’s staff have decided that we have to win now. ( because our team is getting old )

  • http://yahoo poop

     I think that we have to take our time right now and see if he’s still availible after the draft then if we dont get a QB he might still be out there for us remember i said maybe.

  • http://yahoo zjk21

     I think that we have to take our time right now and see if he’s still availible after the draft then if we dont get a QB he might still be out there for us remember i said maybe.

  • rackbar

    just rackbar dude.

  • VikeinPDX

    Wilf and Childress have made it clear they are only interested in character players.  I think Brad’s comment was just him keeping a neutral position.  Look for Vick in a raiders or cowboys jersey.

  • Jason Martin

    I can not believe this is even a topic for discussion. Why do we go after the worst QB’s in the NFL? We have a bench full of QB’s I would not even have on a junior college team. I think Vick should play in the MLB not the NFL since Prison he is no longer a QB but a catcher if you know what I mean.

  • kjohn

    bwahahahahahahahaha nice jason

    but seriously, he would not fit in with the vikes at all. we can’t pull another culpepper or t-jack…we need a QB that fits our team’s type right now

  • Kel

    Sure Vicks done wrong, hell we all make mistakes for all you dog loving people shut up! this is football not ambassador! Vick is a scrambling qb that Tjack one day will be.  Vick would train T-jack to just what we want, and will win us some games.  Its not doubt that Vick was a great qt in the past due to his speed and his cannon arm.  He would be perfect with AP even running fakes and doing a qb sneak to throw the defence off sometimes.  He would be great for the long ball to Benard Barrian and our newest viking Percy Harvin. They both have amazing speed and can get down the field quick Vick and AP make people stack the box so with these two incredible weapons as WR vick would be perfect. =]

    again im not saying what he does was right, im saying as of now he would fit our offense so well.

  • michael

    vick has already done his time and paid his dues. What is wrong with everyone how many times does he have to pay back society, and anyone with football sense could see if the vikes picked him up they would be a champion caliber team, he is better than tj, and sage, and favre is past due. i would rather vick than half the starting qb in the league now.

  • you are sofaking we todd did

    number 4 is going to the twin cities BABY, super bowl…
    and y not get micheal vick, while we at it bret can mentor vick!