Vikings Working on Trade for Sage Rosenfels

A lot of you are going to be unhappy to hear this, but, according to the Houston Chronicle, the Vikings and Texans are near agreement on a trade that would send a 4th round draft pick to Houston in exchange for quarterback Sage Rosenfels.  The Vikings pursued Rosenfels last season but Houston balked at their offer of a 3rd rounder.  Evidently, Rosenfels’ trade value has fallen since then.  I don’t know why, since I thought he played pretty solid ball in place of Matt Schaub…at least in the second half against us (that was the game where Schaub’s knee was taken out, some would say in dirty fashion, by Jared Allen).

Is Rosenfels the ideal answer for our quarterback dilemma?  No.  I still say Donovan McNabb would’ve been, but that was never actually going to happen (unless something weird went down).  Jeff Garcia to me would’ve been tolerable but not exciting.  Jon Kitna?  He’s Garcia with less mobility.  No one else out there did much for me.  I advocated all along for Rosenfels because I thought that, from a practical stand-point, he was the best among a lot of middling options.  I’m not going to elevate the Purple to Super Bowl favorite status because of this move…nor am I going to hold my head and wail and curse the name of Brad Childress.  It was really the only move to make, given the circumstances.

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  • One too many

    I hate the move! Hate it!

  • Ryan

    He is certainly worth a 4th round pick, I wish we would have try’d a little bit harder to get a qb, like a 3rd rounder for Derek Anderson but I’m not gonna right Rosenfels off that quickly, I saw his collapse last year in the Colts game but I don’t wanna judge him on just that, from what else I have seen he looks like he knows what he is doing out there.  I’m still not quite sure what to think of this move, I am no expert but I guess we will know mid way through next season.

  • jeege

    I have to say, in the unlikely event that McNabb was going to be available…he was the only one that would have made us seem unstoppable.

    Garcia was going to be a better option than Jackson and Kitna…well my affinity for Kitna was more personal than practical. (I’ve just always liked the guy.)

    In Rosenfels you have (yet another) stop gap at QB who could probably give us a few good games here and there. Its clear he loves the game of football but its also clear that despite his experience in the league he is just as prone to making huge HUGE mistakes at the end of games that lose a team football games. Not to  mention he throws interceptions like Gus does.

    Basically, he is Gus Frerotte Lite.

    I don’t like the move at ALL but i also don’t know that there were really any other feasible options.

    Plus, he’ll be cheap.

    Still crossing my fingers for Josh Freeman…or a wild card pick…you ready?

    Pat White from Virginia? Can I get a hell yea?

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    If this is a final, done deal, then Vikings fans will have to live with it for awhile, at least. I believe Sage needs some time to establish himself as a starting QB, at least he does have some experience, and he’s not beat-up as much as Garcia. I think Garcia is a tougher QB, but Sage may have a stronger arm. My first pick would’ve been Palmer, followed by Hasselbeck, then Kitna and Garcia. I guess we all knew McNabb would stay in Philly, and i don’t think Vick is the answer, at least not now. I hope Rosenfels plays well if the deal is made, but we Viking fans should’nt hang our heads just yet, something had to be done about our current QB situation, doing something is better than doing nothing and dealing with another long, dissapointing season.    

  • cc

    Rosenfels was tainted in Houston because of the fourth quarter collapse against the Colts.  He didn’t get a chance to play for Washington before he was traded to Miami for three seasons of other overpriced QB’s getting the start.  The very few games he played in Miami, he didn’t look too bad.  Then he was traded to Houston to play behind other high priced QB failures like Schaub.  When Schaub got hurt, and the coaches could justify not playing the guy who they pay the big buck to, Rosenfels usually looked quite solid.  If he hadn’t been a part of that fourth quarter whenthe wheels fell off, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him finish the season as the starter.   He finally got some consistant game time reps with Houston.  If he can clean up the few problems that made for the collapse against the colts, then he could be a real steal.  Time will tell.

  • Mike

    The move to Rosenfels opens the door to picking up Favre later.  They are only trading a 4th round draft choice.  Frerotte, Cassel and likely even Garcia were problems because they demanded to be the starter.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    rosenfels will be a great addition. forget about farve, he’s done, and he ain’t coming back this time. garcia would have been the one with the best experience, and would have fit the run first and throw short game. rosenfels has age and experience without the mileage and damage on his side. he’s better then schaub in houston, but they’ll trade rosenfels cause they got a ton of money stuck in schaub. be damn glad your’re getting him people. he’s a good kid from iowa state. i’ve seen him play his whole college career. he’ll blossum if he finally gets the start.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Mike,  I agree that it will open the door to pick up someone else, but i doubt it will be Favre. Hey, who knows, Rosenfels just might be  what the Vikings needed. He’s not too old, he has a good arm, but he really needs more playing time, especially with a good team. Playing for a good team like the Vikings with higher expectations ,can make a veteran QB like Rosenfels even better. It happened to Steve Young many years ago, when he left a terrible Tampa Bay team to play in San Francisco, and lead the 49er’s to the Superbowl. Maybe Rosenfels can do the same for us, but we need that other good WR to go with Berrian. It would really open up the running game for Adrian. How about utilizing the TE more, also? Remember Jermaine Wiggins a few years back? He was an aging veteran at that time, yet he was almost all of our offense. We could really be dangerous, especially if Sage builds some self-confidence, and gets rolling early. I was really unhappy with the play calling last season. First down-run, second down-run, then third down pass, c’mon. Teams are getting wise to AP, bringing 8 or 9 men up in the box, we definitely need new people to call the plays. When Wade Wilson and Randall Cunningham were the QB’S we had exciting offenses. We gotta throw more on first and second down, then you’ll see Peterson breaking bigger runs and scoring more TD’S. 

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dallas Dave, good to hear from you. I agree with you as far as Favre being finished. He was a great QB and i really respect him, especially the fact that he did’nt miss a start for the Packers in 17 years, wow! He’s like Cal Ripken in baseball. How could you not respect someone like these two? The difference being, Ripkin stayed and retired with the same team. Farve let a lot of fans down by going to play for the Jets, not only Packer fans, but Jet fans as well. I’ll bet Favre stays retired this time, one humiliation is enough, to go through it again would be devastating for him and his fans.

  • Mike

    Favre will end his career with a Viking super bowl.  It will create a legend bigger than Elway’s finish.

  • jeege

    Whatever…as long as Purple get the Ring, I’m happy.

  • Ryan

    Mike is on crack

  • hermsone

    I Like it, we can use our higher pick’s on a CB, OT or WR. I think Rosenfel will be a great addition. he has some poise and isn’t afraid to throw down field. of course, we need the right play calling That is another one of our problems but maybe he wasn’t confident in TJ’s ability. GO VIKES!!!

  • All Day 28

    Im not happy about it, but being a Viking fan and living in Houston, ive gotten to see plenty of Sage the past 2 years. He is def better than Tjax and as long as our Oline can protect him he knows how to get the ball downfield or to the tight end. I think this is a band aid fix that will allow Childress to keep his job after next season. But hell lets be optimistic, It doesnt take an All Star QB to win the Superbowl