Vikings Free Agent Rumors: Michael Clayton, Chris Carr

Names of potential free agent targets for the Vikings are beginning to trickle in.  I would love to be able to say they’re going hard after T.J. Houshmandzadeh or someone like that, but evidently their sights are not set that high.  They are reportedly interested in at least one free agent wide receiver though:  Michael Clayton, the one-time Tampa Bay phenom who has been anything but phenomenal since his marvelous rookie season.  The best thing about Clayton is his size:  At 6-4 and 215, he would give the Vikings a bigger target to go with the speedy Bernard Berrian and the shifty Bobby Wade.  Also, if pressed by reporters, he might let loose a few more fun digs at Jon Gruden – I personally can never get enough of those.

The second guy reported to be on the Vikings’ radar is Chris Carr, a CB/KR who played three years with the Raiders before landing last season in Tennessee.  Carr doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would really press Cedric Griffin for a starting spot, so he would be strictly a depth pick-up in the defensive backfield.  His real presumed value would be as a return man:  He averaged 28 yards as a kick returner last year and 10 as a punt returner.  All right, neither of those guys is worth getting really jazzed about, but at least we have an idea what the Vikings are after:  A big receiver and another DB who can be of value in the return game.  Maybe some better names will bubble up as we proceed.

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