Three Teams in on Housh

T.J. Houshmandzadeh has three main suitors to choose from that we’re aware of:  Seattle, Cincinnati and the Vikings.  Some have mentioned the Giants as a dark horse but other reports have the Giants believing Housh’s price is too steep.  Houshmandzadeh told that he expects to make his decision by tomorrow.  Seattle’s presentation apparently impressed him:  Including the part where he and his kids flew in on a seaplane that landed on a lake next to the practice facility.  That’s the kind of crap teams do to make a guy feel wanted.  Maybe the Vikings could take him on a sleigh ride or something.

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  • Mike

    You say the Giants believe Housh’s price is too steep.  I heard it will be $10 million per year.  Bernard Beriam got $9.4 million per year.  Let’s see, the Vikings are willing to pay nearly $10 million per year to get both great WRs, but are willing to spend only $3 million per year to get a backup QB to throw it to them.  Hmmmm.

  • K2

    Um, yea they are.  Did u happen to watch the Patriots last year? With Housh the Vikings would be that caliber of a team and Sage Would look a hell of alot better then Matt Cassel who will suck for the cheifs by the way.

  • All Day 28

    Just get it done already, My Bday is on tuesday, yall can go ahead and give me and early bday present by signing Housh. Do not let him leave Minny without signing a contract

  • Vikes2009

    Zigi Wilf will do anything to make this team win a superbowl and will also try to stop L.A. from harassing us.

  • Mike

    K2, the Pats didn’t even make the playoffs so I don’t have any idea what kind of a playoff team they would have been with Cassel.  But I shutter to think of the Vikes led by T-Jack and Rosenfels in the playoffs.  I also think Rosenfels supporters are fooling themselves thinking that he will necessarily be the starter.  Childress wants to prove he was right about T-Jack and brought in Rosenfels to back him up.