Vikings and Broncos Are Talking About Jay Cutler

The Star-Trib reported Tuesday morning that talks are “on-going” between the Vikings and Broncos over quarterback Jay Cutler, who remains in a state of supreme miffedness after finding out the team wanted to trade him for Matt Cassel.  The paper notes that it is “unknown” what the Vikings might be offering in exchange…but my guess is that they’re trying to sell Denver on Tarvaris Jackson, who would become completely useless to us were we to acquire Cutler.  Obviously, draft picks would have to be included.  I do not, however, think the Vikes would have to cough up Chester Taylor as has been suggested.  Maybe Denver prefers Sage Rosenfels – I’m guessing they’d have to get at least one quarterback in the deal, unless there’s someone out there they have their eye on (Jeff Garcia) – but I personally would rather give them T-Jack and keep Sage as the back-up.  The best thing about that is the smallness of the contract Sage signed.  This is all just rumor and speculation so far, but it’s starting to build up steam.

Oh, by the way – Cutler’s agent Bus Cook is denying a Peter King report that had Cutler requesting a trade earlier this off-season.  Favre‘s boy Bus Cook slapping down Favre’s other boy Peter King?  There’s dissension in the ranks!

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  • Mike

    This is just gossip.  Another “rumor” flying around has the Browns sending Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers for Jay Cutler and a third-round pick.  That seems more believable.  If the Broncos are willing to get stuck with either useless T-Jack or Rosenfels, their coach is in big trouble before his job begins.  Trading a franchise QB for Jeff Garcia is also crazy.

  • All Day 28

    Now this Excites me, I want the Vikings to draft Cutler and when Denver moved up to get him I was dissapointed, so make it happen

  • wo boy

    Wow if the vikes get cutler they will be amazing and all they need is to draft a decent WR and they are superbowl bound

  • Jay

    For the last 20 years I’ve defended the hapless Vikings…Guess I’m jumping ship. The Vikings need to get a head coach…plain and simple. Not the vanilla run, run, pass, run, single back sets (ALL THE TIME), predictable offense…

    The over paid, EXTREMELY over rated O-line cant hold off any blitz packages on passing downs…When passing usually happens less than 3 times a drive…

    Oooh yeah, The only good thing to come out of the off season is Matt Birk is gone…Dont get me wrong, good ‘ol Matt was a strong force in the middle…* WAS being a key word… But Matts mouth really set the tone for how the Vikes management would destroy the team over the last 5 years…AND think about it…When the chips were down, and the Vikes needed a win to get in the playoffs over many of the years Matt was here, who bumbled key snaps in in key situations causing a late mishap to cost a game???

     Granted, if the Vikes coulda just won 2-3 more games in any given season (of Late), that stuff wouldn’t be a question…Good riddance pro bowler Matt, Good luck with your Raven gig…

    Oh yeah, about the Coach situation… why do the Vikings always promote worthless assistant coaches from other teams, and let all the GREAT coaches go on to win Superbowls with other teams??

    Childress couldn’t  even hold Andy Rieds’ coffee in Philly muchless call offensive plays for the Eagles….and Mike Tomlin goes to Pittsburgh, Dungy on to Tampa/Indy etc…and Minnesota is stuck with the likes of Mike Tice and Brad Childress? Come on folks!

    And finally, the QB situation… Keep drinking the kool aid the media is spilling about Cutler…about how he’s a whiner, egotistical, la la…etc…isn’t a team player…yada yada…Go ahead and watch him get traded to the lonely little lions and watch the Vikes get torched 2 times a year…


    put up the draft picks, use the money you got from unloading Birk and Sharper, sign a RT, and throw caution to the wind and GET CUTLER NOW!!!

    The Vikings would be unstoppable with Jay Cutler at the helm.
    With his ability to torch teams for 300+ yards a game in his sleep…imagine him with AP and Chester?? Sign him to 4 to 5 years and get a coach… Bingo wada bing… The Vikings would have plenty to work with on the offensive side of things.

    Or settle for more of the same… Vanilla O. Mediocre to decent D.
    Good luck with the Sage over Tavaris too…lol

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Jay, i agree with you 110 percent. I’m tired of settling for a medicre coaching staff and an Earl Campbell-type offense with Adrian Peterson being 99.9 percent of the workload. The football fans who remembered how the Houston Oilers ran Big Earl into a very early retirement due to their downright abuse of him as the running back workhorse, those  injuries ruined his promising career. He was much bigger than A.P., but if the Vikings continue to overuse A.P., expect the same results. I agree Jay, let’s make the deal for Cutler so we could unlease a high-potent offense that we have’nt seen for years. The Vikings fans deserve that much, and i understand their frustrations as much as anyone, let’s get it done now, because the fans are so tired of the same old excuses.  As Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang their big hit several years ago, it definitely applies to all Vikings fans=” The Waiting” is the hardest part, especially for a Super Bowl appearance. 

  • Chuck

    As you can see your Not alone on this,  When I read what you had to say It made me fill Good that someone else was so sick of the crap that has been going on for years,  Last 2 years have been the worst… Tony Dungy, Vikings had the #1 Defense a couple years was here in the 90′s, plus look at his record in being a Head Coach A+,  Then Mike Tomlin, Last year was the first time I really thought of changing teams it was late in the season,  I have the NFL Ticket so I would watch the games, It made me sick!!! My wife is a Colts fan, We watched that game, Going into the 3rd quarter, I told her how the game would play out, it’s terrible when you can tell the outcome of a game. My family are Steeler fans and I grew up around it, I Really was thinking about jumping ship and going to the Steelers , Like bernie said too I’m tired of a Mediocre Offensive Coaching staff and Head Coach. As much I tried to switch teams… I Couldn’t , I really hope things change during the draft or before the start of the season, If  this season is the same,  Childress will be gone.

  • Jay

    24 hours Cutler has been availible: 12 am 4.2.2009

    And still no word if the Vikes are gonna step up…The Vikings traded only a 4th round pick to aquire Sage.

    Rumor has it the Redskins or Tampa are goin’ to pull the trade. *ESPN*

    OK, I’ll give the Vikings some slack…They didn’t know that Cutler  really would  be leaving the Broncos when they aquired Sage.

    Well, now we know…The Rosenfels trade was consummated before the Cutler drama began. The Vikings would be wise to overlook the timing and think big once again.

    Cutler has proven himself with ALOT less around him in Denver…

    Give him Rice, Wade, Berrian, Chester, Shiancoe, and Adrian to work with…and give defenses a crash course in surgical offensive percision.

    So if anyone in the Vikings camp is reading this… espeacially Childress. Drop your delusions of ” T Jack is my guy.” – and move on this…

    I cant believe the Vikings are looking at FB’s in the draft…

    Mabie this will help… Just a hint…