T.O. Dreamers Will Have to Keep Dreaming

You’ve certainly heard by now that Terrell Owens was cut by the Dallas Cowboys (and if you haven’t…how’s that coma working out for you?).  This means T.O. is now free to shop his services (and the considerable baggage that comes with them) to other teams, including the Vikings, who signaled by their pursuit of T.J. Houshmandzadeh that they are absolutely in the market for a veteran wide-out.  Unfortunately, when it comes to the Vikings and Owens…let’s just say there are certain considerations that have nothing to do with whatever T.O. may or may not still be able to do on the field.  I refer of course to T.O.’s history with Brad Childress, who was offensive coordinator during that whole nightmare in Philadelphia.  The story goes that Owens became so fed up with Chilly that he ordered Chilly not to talk to him, an order Chilly ignored by yelling “Hey Terrell” every time Owens walked by (very mature).  And then there’s the fact that Chilly testified against Owens when his grievance against the Eagles was finally heard by the league.  There have been reports that the two eventually buried the hatchet…but the issue isn’t really any lingering animosity between them, it’s simply Chilly’s experience with Owens and his certainty that, no matter how pleasant T.O. behaved in the beginning, things would end up going down the crapper as soon as anything didn’t go T.O.’s say.

So no…there’s no way.  Don’t even suggest it.

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  • jeege

    It would be a truly cold day in hell for me to be “happy” that the Vikings would even consider that washed up, over hyped, worthless excuse for a football player.

    He is a cancer for a football team, a cancer for the game, and just an all around bad guy to have to watch. I don’t care how talented he used to be.

    Good ridance

  • kurt goodwin

    Now the T.O./Chilly problem wouldn’t be a problem for the vikes IF THEY’D GET RID OF CHILDRESS!!

  • jeege

    I cannot believe you’d rather have Terrel Owens for his (inevitable) two year stint before he blows up and demands to be traded or released. Pay him millions for declining production to the point where he is no longer effective at being a game changer.

    Rather than stick with a coach that inherited one of the worst groups of players both morally and statistically in the entire LEAGUE at the time who then turned the organization around and actually has us thinking about super bowls again!

    What the hell is wrong with you Kurt Goodwin? Anything to prove a point I guess, no matter how illogical your point is.

    Do you even know why you dislike Childress so much? Or is just regurgitating everything you hear on talk radio and the like?

  • Mike

    Not everyone seems to agree with you.

    Vikings could be one of just a few teams willing to pick up Owens
    By Steve Wyche, Senior Writer, NFL.com

  • F*CK T.O.

    I bet you our first round pick will be a WR. I just have a feeling. I think vikings wants Darrius Heyward-Bey.


    He’s 6’3 and he has great speed. Hmmm I’m thinking he’ll be almost close to moss!

  • All Day 28

    You know what, Go get T.O., I think he will draw plenty of fans, and attention to get us a new Stadium. When that is achieved then dump him, unless he gets us a ring

  • Mike

    The Vikings might be pursuing TO.  Spielman refused to say one way or the other on KFAN Radio this morning.  He just said “We’ll move on.”  He briefly discussed that teams must decide if they can handle Owens but gave no indication if the Vikings have any interest.  Owen’s agent said he will have a deal signed in a week.

  • Mike

    Spielman told the Star Tribune “You never say never but you can put the pieces together and [Owens’] history with Coach Childress.”  I heard they have since kissed and made up.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    How could the Vikings even think about T.O.? After he single-handedly destroyed the Dallas Cowboys with his arrogant, piss-poor attitude, and his ignorant antics both on and off the field. Why would a team on the move like our Vikings take two steps backward, and sign this obvious team-wrecker like Owens? I’d settle for a decent guy like Holt, so as to help Rice up his game.

  • Mike

    Just in.  Terrell Owens is expected to go to the Broncos, 49ers, Raiders, Redskins or Vikings (according to Mail Online).  I say that if the Vikes had gotten Cutler, they would probably be the front runner.

  • All Day 28

    Mike you were wrong on your just in, because he just signed with the Bills

  • Mike

    I am not wrong by reporting what others said, they are.