T.O. Officially Irrelevant

Terrell Owens didn’t need to wait as long as we all expected.  Just days after being cut by the Cowboys, the controversial wide-out has signed a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Buffalo Bills.

The speed with which this went down tells me two things:  1) The Bills wanted to get this over with before they had a chance to talk themselves out of it, and; 2) Drew Rosenhaus knew good and well no other team was going to make a pitch.  Trust me – if Drew had thought there was even a small chance of New England, the Giants or even the Vikings taking a shot at Terrell, he would’ve waited, if for no other reason than to drive the price up.

The downside for T.O. is that Buffalo is essentially an NFL backwater.  They have no shot at contending in that division, and basically no one cares what happens with them.  They don’t even have Tim Russert to stick up for them anymore.  Yeah, T.O. has a job for 2009, but he has been rendered more-or-less irrelevant.  Which won’t stop him from being a pain in the ass, I’m sure.

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  • All Day 28

    T.O.’s press conference was priceless. He was talking up Trent Edwards, saying how he hardly made any mistake’s and wasnt sacked much. HAHAHAHA, that is great stuff. Edwards was constantly looking over his back for J.P. Losman, Buffahoe is gonna regret signing this clown

  • Chuck

    I called two buddies that are Bill’s fans, One said your the 4th person to call so far. Other said I Know Iknow, I’m sick about this season all ready. Can I be a Vikings Fan!!!

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I thought maybe the Raiders would be the only team crazy enough to sign Owens, but it’s really a shock that the Buffalo Bills would stoop that low, and sign this trouble-maker. He’s already praising QB-Edwards on his talent,  forget that the season has’nt even started yet, so the first offensive series the Bills have  should show what T.O. really thinks of Edwards. I’m sure the praise will turn to discontent. Owens belongs with the rest of the crybaby has- beens on reality TV shows that no one watches.

  • Chuck

    I really hope Sidney Rice comes in to his own this year,  It would be nice to stretch the field opposite of Berrian with someone in the  Draft  … Really don’t see anyone cutting a player with that ability, Even to get under Cap

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Chuck, I hope Rice gets better this year, and i think he will. Some players take longer to develop than others. We definitely need to stretch the field, not only to help take some of the burden off of Adrian Peterson, but to upgrade the offensive potential. With two good WR’s, you could utilize Kleinsasser more for 10 or 15 yard gains in the middle, rather than the 2 or 3 yard receptions we were used  to seeing the last couple of years. We definitely need to shore up the offensive line, so all of these things are possible. Several years ago we had all the offensive weapons in tact when we played Atlanta in the NFC Championship game, yet we got too conservative in that game, and ultimately paid the price in the end. I would’ve tried to sign Tory Holt just to help develop Rice, as Chris Carter complemented Randy Moss several years ago. I think your 100% right Chuck, you just should’nt cut Rice, he does have a lot of talent, but nowadays football is big business and players either produce now, or receive their walking papers.  

  • Chuck

    I don’t see Rice going anywhere, He was hurt last year and never really had a chance to heal up, Good jumping ability and hands and Good in the Red Zone,  When I was talking about cutting a player, I was referring to any of the other teams that would release a Quality WR to get under the cap… I don’t see that happening. Holt would be a good mentor for Rice though, a few holes to fill but  Really looking forward to the Draft…

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