Broncos Will Trade Jay Cutler, Says Owner Pat Bowlen

The Jay Cutler saga has reached new heights after Broncos owner Pat Bowlen‘s announcement that the team intends to trade their deeply disgruntled quarterback.  Here is the official statement via the team’s website:

Numerous attempts to contact Jay Cutler in the last 10 days, both by Head Coach Josh McDaniels and myself, have been unsuccessful.

A conversation with his agent earlier today clearly communicated and confirmed to us that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos.

We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded.

Cutler’s own version of operation shutdown has already resulted in $100,000 in fines for all the off-season activities he’s missed.  I’d say, if a guy voluntarily forfeits 100 grand just to send a message to his team that he doesn’t want to play there, he must be pretty serious.  It will be interesting to see what kind of deal Denver is able to get, given the position they’ve been put in.  And it will be even more interesting to see if the Vikings jump back into the fray after those reports about an earlier potential deal being nixed by “some elements” in the coaching staff.  I personally think there’s a better chance of a crazy Cutler-to-Jets, Favre-to-Vikings chain reaction than an actual Cutler-to-Vikings trade, but that could just be the sleep deprivation talking.

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  • Mike’s Bill Williamson, a former Broncos beat writer, has the Jets and the Bucs as the favorites in the Jay Cutler derby.  The New York papers are unanimously behind a Cutler trade, though Tampa scribes are skeptical about possessing the firepower to get a deal done. Williamson gives both clubs 3-1 odds, with Detroit coming in right behind at 4-1. The Bears and Browns are also in the hunt, but Williamson has the Jags, 49ers, Redskins, and Vikings as underdogs. Long shots include the Titans, Rams, Seahawks, and Eagles. 

    I have my money on the Jets.

  • Mike

    WOW!  The Star Tribune is reporting Childress reads what we say – that the QB situation is in near-disarray.  But he says he won’t let public opinion sway him.  He isn’t claiming that Tarvaris or Sage are headed for Canton, but he also doesn’t agree with much of what he has read. He disputed the perception that he favors Jackson.  He mentioned an earlier “clamoring” from fans and media for Garcia, but dismissed it as stop-gap.  He didn’t seem too excited to trade for Cutler.  He said he doesn’t have problems with vets.  He said “It’s just, do you feel like a guy would fit? Now you’ve got to get to know them a little bit and you’ve got to do research around them a little bit and see what his personality is like, how is he wired?”  Brad, I hope you like Favre.

  • Mark

    Everything out of Viking camp is they are always trying to improve the rooster, so how could they not want Cutler. Last time I checked Vikings don’t have a Pro Bowl QB. In order to make this trade Chilly would have to admit he was wrong about T-Jack. Instead we will watch the Jets make the move they needed to. Do the Vikings want to make the next step? It doesn’t look like it.

  • papaspud

    Of course they aren’t going to pull the trigger on this one. It would mean Clueless was wrong….which he is. We will have to endure through another season of mediocrity, and then when the fans stop buying tickets and they can’t get a new stadium built….Zigy will fire clueless and take the team to LA. Maybe that has been the plan the whole time and that is why they have kept clueless and his sidekick T-slap around so long. No matter what you say about cutler, he has a gun for an arm.  Of course we wouldn’t want to give up our draft choices…you know how much they always help a team….can you say williams and udezi among many othger first round busts ???? I say trade a couple of” maybe they will help” draft choices for a QB that has shown he can produce at the NFL level. Good QB’s of NFL caliber are very rare and I believe this maybe our only chance to get one soon.

  • Ho

    Cutler sucks.  He’s a fat little diabities cry baby with a runny nose, who pouts like a little brat on the sidelines.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    The bottom line is that we need a good QB and Cutler is available. Is he a spoiled brat, a big drinker? Maybe or maybe not. He definitely isn’t happy with Denver. I just heard one analyst on ESPN say there are only two teams that Cutler could bring a Super Bowl ring to, and he named the Carolina Panthers, and the Minnesota Vikings as those teams. I’m sure the Vikes organization had to have been watching, and i’ll bet Cutler knows that Carolina and Minnesota would be the only logical choices, the other teams have way too many holes to fill. Why are’nt we on the phone making the deal now? If Childress is really that stubborn to shrug off an opportunity to coach a potentially great QB, then i’ve pretty much lost all hope to be a fan of a Super Bowl contender in the Vikings. Why can’t the Vikings do the right thing for once. Also, Ho-you can critisize Cutler all you want, but taking a cheap shot at diabetes is really sad, man. People like you that poke fun of handicaps and diseases should look over your shoulder, because  you may one day feel God’s wrath.       

  • Chuck

    Well said,
    I’m Thankful for the health Iv’e been Blessed with…

  • Chuck

    Must have hit the key twice, I really hope that somebody outside our division  gets him if we don’t,  Actually outside the NFC … I really think the Jets will make a move on him. The Ny Daily News seems to think that the Jets will really put a effort into get him there

  • Mike

    Adam Caplan says the Vikings are unlikely to trade for Cutler.  Chilly likes his talent, but said there could be a personality clash.  Caplan says Childress should at least meet with Cutler. 

  • Mike

    StP Pioneer Press Tom Powers suggests Chilly doesn’t like Cutler because he likes to party and drink, is not a family man, demands loyalty (eg Birk), and is hard to control because he likes to think for himself (eg play calling), asks too many questions and complains.  Is Chilly a control freak?  No wonder Chilly likes humble backup QBs. 

  • Mike

    Hey Brad Childress – Just ask Bevells, Brett Favre is done drinking, is a family man, doesn’t need your loyalty, will have fun running your plays, doesn’t have many questions and won’t complain. 

  • Mike odds to land Cutler
    Jets +300
    Bucs +350
    Lions +400
    Redskins +500
    Bears +500

    Browns +500
    49ers +600
    Jags +800

  • papaspud

    We wouldn’t want cutler to bring a super bowl ring here… sir. Lets stick with people chilly can control…which of course are mediocre players because they know they wouldn’t get a job anywhere else…can you say T-slap. I am getting close to giving up on the Vikings ever winning a Superbowl in my life time. I guess being a fan for 40 years just isn’t long enough. They just aren’t willing to do what it takes to put together a winning team. I really thought that when Ziggy took over he was going to change the way things were done in Minnesota, but then the first thing he did was went and hired this POS head coach and it has been basically more of the same from there. I really don’t see us getting much better than we are right now without getting a good QB and it doesn’t look like we are in the market to do that.  Arrrrrrgh……..

  • Mike

    WOW, bidding for Cutler appears to be more than 2 first round draft picks.  I don’t think much more than the Jets, Lions and Redskins would do that.

  • KYLE

    I think I Vikings are a joke every year.  I get all excited EVERY year, but a letdown is all I get.  Maybe I should start blaming myself  for this.  I now what to expect every year, a losing team.  So, this year I will not get excited, I will not go see a game and I will not take a sunday off to watch my team lose when I could be making money.  T-Jack is a bum, Sage is a bum and Booty is BUM…we are so lucky we have AP because if we didnt we might be joining the Lions with an 0-16…….Chilly, you need to thank AP

  • Chuck

    And this guy wonders why the fans yell  FIRE CHILDRESS  CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP AT THE HOME GAMES…