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Chicago Bears Trade Draft Picks, Kyle Orton to Broncos for Jay Cutler

The Jay Cutler drama is over.  The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the Chicago Bears have landed the disgruntled quarterback in exchange for their ’09 and ’10 1st round picks, their ’09 3rd round pick and QB Kyle Orton.  Well, let me say this – if that was the price, then the Vikings never had a shot.  I’m guessing there must’ve been a fierce bidding war between the Bears and another team (Redskins?) to drive it up that high.  At any rate, we can now put the whole Cutler business to rest.  I have mixed feelings about this:  on the one hand, I was getting tired of the story; on the other hand, my traffic has never been better.  And now we have to deal with a Bears team that sports a real quarterback.  Does this make Chicago the favorite in the division?

Goodbye Brett Favre conspiracy scenario.  I’ll miss you.

Update:  John Clayton says the trade was Cutler and a third for the two firsts and Orton.  This will, I’m sure, be cleared up presently.

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  • Mike

    The Bears have acquired Cutler and the Broncos’ fifth-round draft pick this year for No. 1 draft picks in 2009 and 2010, a No. 3 pick this year and Kyle Orton, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

  • Chuck

    That stinks,
    Plus they get to face him twice a year…

  • Chuck

    They probably will be favored, I hope the Defense takes it Personally and makes him wished he never landed in the North!!! We’ll see how the draft works out now that denver has the 12th and 18th picks…

  • News Review

    Finally.. Cutler is with the Bears.. Let’s see how Chicago Bears will do with Cutler and without Orton.. Go Chicago Bears..!

  • Chris

    Lol who will cutler throw it to? Marty Booker? Devin Hester? Trust me, this guy is going to be a disappointment. I bet you Kyle Orton is going to have better year in Denver (if he starts) cus he has WR to throw it to. In my opinion, we’re facing another Aaron rodgers, but i think Rodgers 10x better than cutler! Watch him beg to go back when Jared Allen sacks his ass back to the Denver.

  • Don

    Jay Cutler will be exposed for the sorry QB he is. Anyone can stand behind the cheating cut blocking O line of the Broncos and pass away.  He is a selfish QB and I can’t wait for the Williams and Allen to plant his head in the turf so the stupid Vikings fans can shut up about this mess of a QB. Next year he will make TO seem like sportsman of the year.

  • Chuck

    Hope you are 100%  Right…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Don and Chuck, like many Vikings fans i was dissapointed that we did’nt make a deal for Cutler, but i also had mixed feelings about his crybaby attitude. On one hand, everyone of us knew we needed a good QB with a strong arm, yet on the other hand, how many games would go by before he started pouting again, and we could’nt predict how many confrontations he and Chilly would have in one season. I’m not so dissapointed that Cutler is not the Vikings QB, but just upset at all our failures to lure in big named players and free agents. I guess we can only hope Rosenfels plays like a starter, and not a back-up QB. Other than that i guess we gotta have a decent draft, or maybe a lucky break to finally obtain another  QB with talent.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I think Denver will end up with the better deal with Orton, Sims and probably Sanchez. I really hope the Vikings defense turns it up a notch when we play the Bears, especially in sacking Cutler, since he has no receiving core, and their defense is’nt what it was years ago. Chris, i think your comparison of Cutler to Rodgers is dead on, our defense will take care of business, as it always has.