Giants Cut Plaxico Burress

A number of things factored into the Giants‘ decision to give Plaxico Burress his walking papers today:  his on-going legal trouble; Drew Rosenhaus‘s open invitation to other teams to try and make a trade for him; Plax’s overall lack of team-first attitude; the good chance that Plax will face a healthy suspension by the NFL when he returns from whatever jail time he will see.  And these same things will be on the mind of any team that considers signing the receiver, who is 31 now and unfortunately more known for shooting himself in the leg than being a big-time player on a championship squad.  In other words, don’t look for the Vikings to so much as sniff the guy.  This dude is radioactive to any team that cares about character and chemistry over talent.  He’d be a good fit on a Jerry Jones or an Al Davis team, but not a Zygi Wilf one.

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  • Mike

    This must be the only country in the world where, if you shoot yourself, you go to prison and when you get out, you can’t get a job from some self-righteous dickhead boss like Chilly.  It is not like he killed vicious pitbulls.

  • Mike

    A Chicago reporter said on ESPN the Bears might get Burress.  Scarey thought, strong arm Cutler rocketing it to the 6’5″ Burress over the Vikings much shorter cornerbacks.  Chilly will probably get few good players in trades because he won’t take a chance on the typical players traded or those who rock the boat.  It is amazing he took a chance on Jared Allen last year after his drinking problems.