Chilly Tells Us What We Already Knew

Brad Childress has confirmed what most of us already knew anyway:  that the Vikings made no effort whatsoever to get in on Jay Cutler after Pat Bowlen‘s announcement last week that the Broncos intended to trade him.  That door got slammed much earlier when the organization made up its mind that, given Cutler’s apparent character issues, a trade would not be in their best interests.  Clearly, if the Vikes were not willing to give up the relatively small package it would’ve taken to get Cutler in a three-way deal sending Matt Cassel to Denver, why would they even consider a much riskier deal of the type the Bears made?

The long-and-short of it:  the Bears were willing to roll the dice on Cutler and the Vikings weren’t.  The Bears looked at the complete Cutler package, including the way he’s behaved the last couple of months, and decided he was still worth it.  The Vikings went over the same evidence and concluded he was not.  The Bears now believe they have a quarterback to lead them for the next ten years, while the Vikings remain in relative quarterback limbo, hoping either Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels will pan out.

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  • Mike

    Chilly needs a brown-noser QB with a weaker personality than him that he can control.  Pathetic, Brad.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i think he’s like mcdaniels in denver. he wants someone who can best implement his system on the field. according to the coaching staff tha was left in denver was that cutler was a gunslinger and made his own calls on the field. mcdaniels thought there would be problems with that and wanted someone that would follow  his scheme and not waiver from it. it has proven to be quite successful. so he enquired about cassell. the rest is history. well childress see’s the same in cutler. if you are going to play smash-mouth, run-it-down-your-throat football with AP, then you better have a QB that sticks to the game plan, or man, you got problems. that is a proven fact over history. the reason i brought aikman/smith up is that aikman always wanted to be in an offense like marino and throw all the time. what qb does’nt. but the history of that in the nfl speaks for it’s self. if you can’t run and play D, you don’t win that often. “emmitt smith” and a good dallas D is all that was needed there……right?????   in this game you play the percentages. you get about 95% success with the formula of run/good D. minny has it. now you find someone to manage it to work= sage rosenfels

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    everyone has his own opinions, mike, and i certainly respect yours. and i can’t say that you are wrong in the slightest. i can see how you would disagree with childress, but he maybe right this time and i geuss we’ll have to find out. it will be a do or die situation for him now. if he wins, he’ll be hearlded a genious. if he fails it will be over as head coach of the vikings. then the re-building starts all over with a new coaching regime. i would’nt give up on it just yet, mike, it may prove out all right. AP/D will win a lot of games all by it’s self, we’ve already seen that. and we can pretty well see that rosey will be better than t-jack already. so there is hope, man

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    danzinski, i hope that my comments are not percieved as conflict here on your blog. i like to come on here because of my uncles great passion to the vikings. we have great disscussions all the time. i live in close prox. to the vikings and their fan base and hear more news about them then i do my cowboys. so thus the effort to banter here about football. i really enjoy your articles and your perspective as a seemingly frustrated viking fan trying to stay objective without bashing too much. not here to argue, just enjoy the “art-form” of good debate. it’s alway enlightening to see both sides of the tale, even from outside sources?

  • jeege

    davedallasfan makes a valid point. I think for those of us with post-cutler hangovers will just have to wait to see how this thing pans out. I mean, its not as though they did’nt get “somebody”…even if its not the somebody I necessarily think of as the answer. Maybe Sage will be the guy.

    At least I hope so…otherwise we are in for a long…long season.

  • Mike

    jeege, Dallas Dave might be making a good point for the Cowboys but not the Vikings.  We can’t trust Chilly anymore after suffering through a steady stream of backup QBs over the last three years.  You can only justify booing him next season if you make it known now you are not satisfied.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m just stating the facts of the effects of what the run/D can do for any qb. put him in that situation and you never know what can come of it. like i said, who would have ever predicted tom brady out of that mess in  new england when bledsoe went down? if they could, i want there #, cause were headin to vegas, baby. the point is, in certain situations talent can thrive and come to the surface. i think sage is ready to float that boat. no pun intended, there viking fans

  • jeege

    Mike, I’m not sure which Vikings team you have been watching for the last ten years. Childress has nothing to do with our historical QB stability…this has been a problem for our team even before I was born! Are you ready? Off the top of my head, a list of starting Quarterbacks going back to when I was a kid, NONE of whom have anything to do with Childress and NONE of whom did anything to help this team win a championship:

    Daunte (came close but was nothing without a healthy Randy Moss)
    Jeff George
    Warren Moon
    Randall Cunningham
    Brad Johnson
    Rich Gannon
    Gus Frerotte

    On top of this, scores of backups and streaky starters that never did anything for the passing game. The only person who ever gave this offense life was Randy Moss and now Adrian Peterson.

    I’m not contesting that Sargvaris Jackenfels is not the answer…I would just like fans to have a little more perspective on our history at this position.

    Chilly is not the problem…players who don’t deliver are the problem.

    That being said, if this season is a bust we should absolutely fire the guy.

  • Mike

    jeege, only the future and not the past concerns me.  My concern is that Chilly will not try to upgrade the position eg trade for Cutler when he had a chance.  Just ask Antoine Winfield. 

  • TJ

    Brad Childress is clueless.  It is easy to see why he was not allowed to call plays for the Eagles.  His entire playbook must fit on a postage stamp.  He has no strategy for obtaining and developing a starting QB.  Tarvaris Jackson is a total waste of a effort.  Sage might be fun to watch if your into Football Follies.  I hope Zygi Wilf doesn’t get a new stadium to host this hopeless product.   VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman is in way over his head.  Hopefully the defense can score some points.