Pat Williams Had Knee Surgery, Childress Reveals

A little blip toward the end of Sid Hartman‘s latest column:

[Brad] Childress…said linebacker E.J. Henderson, who missed most of last season after dislocating two toes on his left foot against Tennessee in Week 4, and defensive tackle Pat Williams, who had minor offseason surgery on his knee, are healthy and ready to play.

Didn’t know big Pat had anything wrong with his knee.  Knew his shoulder was bad – but not bad enough to keep him out of the Pro Bowl.  Have been hearing all off-season that E.J. could’ve played at the end of last year had he not been put on IR.  That’s something I keep meaning to bring up, by the way:  the IR issue.  Several players, including Jon Kitna, have accused teams of being too quick to use the injured reserve list.  Obviously, teams have their reasons for using the IR, and it’s seldom advisable to carry injured guys on your roster when you know they won’t be able to give you anything for many weeks.  However, how nice would it have been to have E.J. on the field for that Philly game?  Maybe he would’ve, you know, actually tackled Brian Westbrook on that screen.  Water under the bridge now…

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  • Mike

    The Vikings lost to Phillie because they couldn’t count on T-Joke when they needed a real QB.  Don’t blame the D.  Get a real QB!

  • Chuck

    The Denfense was hung out to dry in that game, Mike’s right, Get   at least get a proven Vet to back up these 2 guys!!! I would love to eat my words too, What’s to say Sage wins the job and gets hurt, Or Tarvaris, Who’s going to step in??? Brad is either going to be a hero or a zero and gone…

  • Chuck

    We have a Good Defense not a Great Defense, The Passing game Must be better this  year to balance the Offense and in turn balance the team as a whole,They are addressing Special Teams plus having Heath Farwell will make a difference there…

  • Mike

    I hope Chilly is listening to Chris Carter on ESPN because he sounded like he was giving backhanded slaps at the Vikings.  He applauded the Bears for getting Cutler and said no price was too high.  He said teams that use something less than a franchise QB go 8-8 or are one-and-done in the playoffs because they can’t do anything at the end of the game (hint Vikings-Phillie game).  He also recommended that the Giants get a proven vet WR like Braylon Edwards and not draft some more young WRs that will take even more time to develop than the young WRs they already have.  Chilly, you must get a vet possession WR NOW and pick up Favre LATER or else!

  • Mike

    Two new good articles:
    SI’s “Vikes test patience of fans, players with unimpressive options at QB.”
    Fox Sports says Vikings, Bears and Raiders need Burress.
    Come on Chilly, how come everyone but you can see it.

  • jeege

    Plax is not a good signing.

  • Mike

    Fine, jeege.  Let us let the Bears get Plax. Readers poll

    Which team should be considered the early favorite to win the 2009 NFC North title?

    Chicago Bears          46%

    Detroit Lions               5%

    Green Bay Packers 16%

    Minnesota Vikings 33%
    Total Votes: 1332

  • Mike

    According to FOX sports:

    Minnesota. The Vikings failed to upgrade their receiving corps when free agent T.J. Houshmandzadeh signed with Seattle instead. Burress and Bernard Berrian would create coverage headaches. The Vikings also could survive if Burress fell off-track because of sufficient depth with Bobby Wade and Sydney Rice.

    Chicago. Now that the Bears have their franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler, the next step is adding a scoring threat besides Devin Hester. Burress fits the bill. He could be Chicago’s version of Brandon Marshall.

  • Mike

    The National Sports Review says Cutler needs for Chicago to sign a veteran free agent (WR)  … “there’s gun-toting Plaxico Burress or coke-snorting Matt Jones.  Torry Holt, Marvin Harrison and Joe Jurevicius are all aging players but any one of them would be a vast improvement on the Bears current crop.”  Ditto Vikings, sign Plaxico Burress over the objections of Chilly and jeege.

  • Dave

    I’m not opposed to the Vikes signing a quality receiver like Plax, but how much do you sign a player for who will probably have legal and  commissioner issues before he will ever play a down for his new team.  Also, how long do you sign him for?  He has a track record of never being happy, even though he has always been on competitive teams.   Long term contracts are not his thing as he was in dispute over aspects of his contract with the Giants.  Some people are never happy.  Finally, I think most teams are sick and tired of Drew Rosenhouse and his circus.

  • Mike

    Dave, the Fox Sports article discusses your concerns:

    I think Burress is worth the risk because, like Chris Carter says about the Giants, the Vikings and Bears will not be able to develop a WR quick enough through the draft that can meet their need to win now.

  • All Day 28

    We really need to pursue Plax, he definatly would keep the opposing Defense’s honest, it would stop alot of 8 and 9 man fronts opening more hole for Peterson to bust loose. Peterson could have very well had a over 2,ooo yard season last year if we would have had someone other then berrian. Plax will add a whole new demention to the Offense and we know our QB situation sucks, but hey Plax could make Sage or Tjax look good with him, berrian, shiancoe and peterson, our QB’s need all the weapons and help they can get. He is a big possesion WR and thats something we desperatly need. Im tired of seeing all these free agents get away from us, LETS FREAKING DO SOMETHING

  • Mike Vic Carucci concludes some team will likely pick up Plaxico Burress when he is free and clear to play.  (Of course he must make it through the maze of the US police state and Roger GODell before he even has a chance to be judged by holier than thou Chilly)  Carucci says no NFL team thinks they can get a significant upgrade at WR with Holt or Toomer.  There is also no market for QB Byron Leftwich as a starter because he lacks talent and proper mechanics.  Hope for the Vikings options have shrunk to only Favre and Burress, since the draft will provide no quick answers at their positions.

  • Mike

    Chicago Sun Times now calling for WR Plaxico Burress (after QB Cutler):,CST-SPT-carol07.article

    If so, the balance of power in the NFC North will completely shift to the Bears.

  • Chuck

    Brad Chidress,
    Bring Mr Burress in for a talk, Part of being A Good Coach is being able to give guys a second chance, If you like him after talking to him, Don’t signed him long term , Put clauses in that you don’t get bit in the long run, Vikings have a Good group of guys, Did you ever thing that they could rub off on Plaxico??? Think about it, It’s not just the Vikings future, It’s your’s too… You know the team is set to make the run, Be part of history that is Great for the Vikings!!! Not the stuff that normally happens… 

  • Chuck

    I really think this is the turning point for Brad Childress, Good or Bad…