Jared Allen on Jay Cutler: "I'm Gonna Peel the Back of His Head Off the Turf"

Just encountered this video on YouTube.  It’s part 2 of a little interview Westwood One did with Jared Allen backstage at the Academy of Country Music Awards (part 1 is boring name-dropping – it’s here if you must see it).  The section that’s of interest to Viking fans:  the Westwood One guy asks Jared about Jay Cutler going to the Bears. Jared relates a story about how, when he was overseas with the USO, someone texted him, erroneously of course, that Jay had actually gone to the Vikings.  Jared then texted Jay – a guy he’s apparently tight with from their days in the AFC West – only to find out the report was indeed false.  Jared then goes on to discuss his plans for Jay when they meet on the gridiron again.  These plans involve making Jay hit the turf hard enough that his head will have to be peeled off it.  Jared gets away with this swaggery jock stuff because, well, he walks the walk.  And he’s funny in a sub-Jeff Foxworthy sort of way.

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  • Mike

    Bernie, like I said a violent game.

  • kurt goodwin

    As a former marine, I love Jared’s hat.

  • http://www.insidetheiggles.com Scott Tunstall

    Always liked Jared Allen. Except when he’s crushing McNabb.

  • jeege

    NFC north blog mentions you and your blog.

    Pretty cool scoop Danzinski!

  • Danny

    Jared Allen is going to destroy Jay Cutler and the Bears!

  • danzinski

    Thanks jeege.  Unfortunately it’s also now being discussed on Bears message boards, so I’m sure we’ll soon be flooded by idiot Bears fans.

  • Chuck

    Priceless!!!  lol , Great Post Bro…

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    A player truly worthy of the Minnesota fan base.  I would never endorse dirty or illegal play, but if Pace happened to clothesline him I wouldn’t be too upset.

  • danzinski

    What’s Pace gonna clothesline him with, his gut?

  • jeege

    Maybe he’ll detach his failing knees and beat Jared with his calf muscle like a zombie.

    Because other than brute calf whipping I don’t see how Pace stands a chance against Allen.

  • Mike

    Way to go guys, you make Pace sound truly worthy of the Chicago fan base!

  • http://www.chicagobears.com Gene

    Best of luck with that Allen we’ll see what happens come game time

  • Chuck

    You guys are Funny!!! lol   The Pace Maker!!! lol

  • Chuck

    I don’t think anybody is too worried…

  • http://www.chicagobears.com Gene

    You’re absolutely right not to worried. A healthy PACE MAKER and a good blocking back I think we got it covered. This isn’t the O-Line of 08 by any means……..

  • All Day 28

    Allen will have no problem getting to Cutler. Pace was a great Olineman, but he hasnt faced the speed of the mullet malitia yet. He wont know how to handle him

  • http://www.howardthedunk.com Shavon

    Good stuff, I was just checking out PFT and they mentioned THE VIKING AGE in one of their stories.


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  • Chuck

    The fact that he is a Viking and the stupid mullet aren’t reason enough… lol, It’s logic like that, That makes me thankful I’m a Vikings fan… You bear fans are Pathetic…

  • DeCon

    VIQUEENS fans, VIQUEENS fans…tell me you wouldn’t like to have Cutler over Rosenutz and T-Jaxoff…you guys keep praising the queen, VIQUEEN…dannyzaza and he is a Cubs blogger not a Twinkies blogger…he is as confused and conflicted as the rest of you VIQUEEN fans, but at least he is only half bad, since he is half a Cubs fan…

  • Fish

    What a moron.  Allen should watch what he says. 

    Make no mistake, Cutler is no chump.   

    Neither is Orlando Pace. 

    Orlando Pace is one of the all time best LTs.  Pace may be “old”, but he only gave up two sacks, last year.  Last I checked, Pat Williams isn’t exactly young, either.  Pace is still one of the best LTs in the league.  Until Allen makes it to seven Pro Bowls,  he should keep his mouth shut. 

    When Pace steps on the field to face Allen, this fall, Pace will be the only guy on the field that is a sure-fire first ballet Hall of Famer.  Everyone else still has something to prove.  Pace could retire today and the Hall of Fame would welcome him with open arms.  I think that Allen is a good player, but he isn’t even the best player on the Vikings line…  but he does have the biggest mouth.

  • http://www.jaredallen69inc.com JA69INC

    YAP YAP YAP… We shall see talkers…

  • Chuck

    Rat killer, Stinky fish, and Mr Goimg down,,,  Allen and Cutler text themselves alot, Their Friends!!! Go back to your dens

  • DeCon

    they text themselves a lot???  is that kinda like you and Queen Dannyzaza rubbing each other’s viqueen horns???

  • Mike

    No, it is more like Bears smelling each others butts.

  • danzinski

    DeCon – if you’re gonna give me a name derived from a character in a Godfather movie, could we make it one of the good Godfather movies?  Please?

  • DeCon

    ok, Queen Zaza, we’ll call you Fredo…

  • danzinski

    You do not come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Greene like that!

  • DeCon

    I thought of Mo Greene, but he wasn’t right.  Fredo is good because he wnet against the family and split his allegiances, kinda like you :-)

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  • kcchiefs

    Man, I am a huge Chiefs fan and miss the hell out of this man. He is still my favorite player in the league and a turning into a viks fan because of him. I love that shirt that he has on. Anyone know if the are selling those anywhere?

  • KCSteve

    To those saying Pace never played against Allen, the Chiefs and the Rams faced each other once a year in preseason, where Allen and Pace had multiple encounters with each other. I’m not one to do other peoples homework, so look up the preseason stats to see who won the battles.


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