's Pauline Down on Receiver Prospects

Tony Pauline of (his name always makes me think of the song “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” by X) is not only not very high on second-tier receiver prospects Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks, but actually thinks there’s a chance all three will drop out of the first round entirely.  Pauline refers specifically to the “personality issues” afflicting Mr. Harvin, a man the Vikings have reportedly taken a long hard look at, and could still have on their draft board despite reports that he failed a drug test at the combine.  Draft wonk Pauline even went so far as to call Harvin the “receiver version of Reggie Bush.”  In other words, a bust waiting to happen.

Memo to Mr. Harvin:  Kim Kardashian has lots of sisters.

I personally would still consider Harvin:  he has loads of talent, and there are plenty of guys who are red flagged over character issues who turn out to be just fine when they hit the pros; plus, it’s not like you’re spending a #2 overall pick on Harvin like the Saints did on Bush.  That being said, I stand by my assertion that offensive tackle is the priority, and if Eben Britton is there, then the Vikes better damn well take him.  Britt and Nicks don’t really impress me either way.

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  • Mike

    I totally agree Eben Britton is the best hope for the Vikings in the draft, but I now doubt he will be available.  Much the same with WR Bey.  If Britton or Bey are not avaibale, I would trade down in the first round and trade up in the second round to get either Loadholt or Beatty at tackle AND either Roboskie or Britt or Harvin at WR.

  • Mike

    But I wouldn’t call a receiver version of Reggie Bush a bust.  Bush gives 1000 total yards, 500 rushing and 500 receiving per season and about 7 TDs plus punt returns (Viking fans should appreciate that).  Harvin was also a combinded receiver and rusher at Florida that could also return punts.  Unfortunately, he is a version of Reggie Bush with character risks.  Moreover, I think the Vikings should have far more urgency to replace Ryan Cook and possibly also often injured possession receiver Sidney Rice before they can afford the luxury of a Harvin.  Maybe if the Vikings had done something in free agency getting TJ Housh or Bobby Engram or went after Burress. 

  • All Day 28

    There is still a chance that we pull the trigger and go out and get Buress, Holt, or Harrison, even though we all know it would seem unlikely. But if for some ungodly reason they do then that should take the WR position off the board for the first two round and let us concentrate on Oline and Secondary or LB help

  • Mike

    Plaxico Burress told WSCR-AM in Detroit on Sunday night Jay Cutler called to ask his interest in signing with the Bears.  Good Bye, NFC North title.  Oops, I hope the Bears fans aren’t still here.

  • Chuck

    Well it hasn’t happened yet, I really wished the Vikings would step up to the plate on this one, I think it will drive the price up if other teams are interested in  him, There is nobody out there that will improve a team like Burress right now…

  • Mike

    Get Burress.  The WR situation is clearer when viewed through the NY Giants, who really miss Burress drawing double teams.  They say Chad Johnson can also but are concerned about his character.  WRs that can’t draw double teams include Boldin (also price too high), Edwards (price too high in draft picks and also drops balls), Harrison and Holt.  The Giants already dumped Toomer.  They may just take Kenny Britt in the draft.
    At QB, Brady Quinn is drawing an offer for a first-round pick, possibly from the Jets or Broncos. I hope the Jets get him.

  • Chuck

    With two 1 st round picks, I think the Bronco’s will go after Mark Sanchez,  So if the Jets aren’t looking to Josh Freeman with their 1st round pick, They could very well trade for Brady Quinn…  I hope the Jets get him too…

  • Mike

    Pro Football Weekly shows Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks all dropping as pointed out in this article.  But they now also show Eben Britton dropping … hopefully to the Vikings.