7 Days of Draftsmas: Todd McShay's Overrated/Underrated

The new Mel Kiper thinks Darrius Heyward-Bey could be this year’s Troy Williamson.  I personally can’t think of a more insulting thing to call a person.  He also thinks Josh Freeman‘s potential is over-estimated. I personally think Todd McShay‘s potential to unseat Mel Kiper is over-estimated. Kiper’s the brand-name, McShay is just some guy. When McShay becomes big enough to start pissing off NFL owners and execs the way Kiper does, come back and call me.

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  • Mike

    Does Darrius Heyward-Bey have the same vision problem as Troy Williamson?

  • dunny

    actually i kind of like mcshay.  and i do agree w/ him on freemon (just an opinion but if we had him i think he’d be another t-jack).  i dont know a lot about H-B but from the film they showed just looked like he rounds off routes (which seems to be typical w/ speedsters like that).  and i’m really unsure if there can be another T. Williamson (that was a very frustrating couple of seasons).  but i think this year will be the same as last year 1 wr def. off in 1st rnd, maybe 2, but the rest will fall into the 2nd and 3rd acordingly.  i think there will still be some good talent in the 3rd rnd.