7 Days of Draftsmas: Vikings Workout Pat White

Sources have told FOX Sport’s Alex Marvez that the Vikings had West Virginia quarterback Pat White in for a private workout on Tuesday, and are interested in him as both a quarterback and a wide receiver.  This will of course open the floodgates on speculation that the Vikings are looking to implement, at least to some degree, the “Wildcat” formation that was so successful last season for the Dolphins, White being a guy who isn’t viewed as a regular pro-style QB, but a slash-type who could be successful in such a formation.  I still say Brad Childress is a stubborn sort not given to radically rework his offensive philosophy, even if his personnel would tend to indicate such a makeover is in order…but maybe he’d be willing to mix in a few Wildcat plays just to change things up.  White is seen as a third-round prospect at best, which means Childress will probably trade several picks to move up into the second round and get him, even if he doesn’t have to.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i love pat white. i really hope he’s there for dallas at pick 51, but i doubt it. if i’m the vikings or should i say childress, i take him. forget about starting him at wr and all that crock of bull. let him compete as qb in the open compitition in camp that their supposed to have this year. he’ll win it outright. he’ll be your next fran tarkenton with legs. he can move and create his own passing lanes, so his size should’nt matter. he’ll have plenty of opportunities to run when called upon in that style of offense, and he can throw a very accurate pass. if given the chance in a good offense pat white would be a good starting qb. just what the vikings seem to be looking for.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    my favorite qb prospect is josh freeman. if you look at all the tangebles i like him better than stafford and sanchez. i’ve seen him projected to the jets at 17 and tampa at 19. the chances of the vikings landing him at 22 are slim. if he were to get by nyj and tampa, the vikings would get the steal of the draft to get freeman. 6-4 240 great arm, and i just like the way he throws and has that strong qb appearence in the huddle. he had a great pro day interview on the nfl network when he said the 2 most important aspects of being a qb in the nfl are the ability to be a leader on your team by your confidence and your work ethics. that sounds like a guy that is ready to LEAD a team.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dave, Pat White was a great QB for West Virginia, and a great athlete, but be careful to make him a star QB in the NFL just yet. We saw the same caliber QB athletes in Vick and Vince Young, but neither has panned out as a great passer in the pros. So before you make White an all-pro, let’s see if he can pass in the NFL.  Not to knock on West Viginia, but the last QB that showed any promise to do something in the pros was Major Harris, and he stunk up the place in the CFL. I think Jeff Hostetler was the only WVU QB to ever have any kind of success in the NFL, but even that was short-lived. Josh Freeman would be a better choice, but he’ll probably be taken early in the draft.  

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    bernie, i agree about freeman going early. i think the jets will get him at 17. at least that’s what i’ve been seeing in most of the mocks? but he could go earlier, say denver at 12? i think freeman is better then stafford and sanchez. and i think there are plenty of scouts that are saying the same.  kansas state does not have that big high profile program that usc does, so his media coverage is limited. i’ve seen him play alot here in the midwest. he’s huge 6’6 248 cannon arm and fairly mobile. has the size to hold up well in the nfl. outstanding leadership and very low keyed, and intelligent. he’s the whole package. if the vikings were really after a qb, this would be the one i’d get and work him along with sage a year or 2 and then turn him loose. this is the guy. minny would be alot like baltimore last year with flaco. they got everything to let a young qb succeed.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i also agree with your assessment of the former vtech qbs. all flops. but this pat white is different for one simple reason. he CAN pass. and very accurately as well. he has a strong arm and his passing percentage isn’t bad either. he’s played in a wide open offensive system that is condusive to let the qb run, only because of the fact that he’s such a great athelete. but if he was to be contained by better Ds that the nfl has, he has enough ability to move into passing lanes to get the ball down field. much like a drew brees does, or as i mentioned, fran tarkenton. the short qbs are best served to get to the outside of the tackles to survey the down field and cause the safeties to skip a beat on committing to pass or run? then if he does go down field with a pass, he’s been very accurate. tarkenton never possessed a strong arm, but that never stopped him form amassing phenominal passing yardage? white is in that mold for sure, which in my opinion, gives him the potential to star in this league?

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    micheal vick, who pat white is being somewhat compared to, could’nt hit the broad side of a barn at 25 yards. yeah he could throw the thing 85 yds in the air but throwing it in the stands is’nt good for points like it is in baseball. someone’s got to be in the 10yard area to catch it. vick would never be a sliding pocket type passer because he’d rather run first. pat white knows he can run, and uses it when he has to, but is a passer first. given a chance, he’ll succeed. white just has all the right tools to be a good nfl qb. he just does’nt have the size…..but as i said tell drew brees and fran tarkenton, eddie lebarron, they can’t pass in the nfl? just my gut feeling about this kid.

  • The WVBEAR

    The last QB from WVU to make any noise in the NFL???

    There is some guy that starts for the St. Louis Rams.

    I beleive his name is Marc Bulger…….

  • Dave Ballingrud

    Im probably late to this conversation, with draft tomorrow.
    But I remember Tarkenton and I agree about White.
    Biggest attribute is his big heart. I wish I knew more about his skill at reading defenses, though.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    WV BEAR, My apologies to all Mountaineer fans, i did forget about Marc  Bulger, who is a pretty good QB, with a good arm, and big stats. He was playing much better a couple of years ago, especially after taking over for Kurt Warner. I think what has hurt Bulger lately is the pass protection, he has none. Also, on the other side of the ball, the Rams defense was non-existent. I do think Bulger is talented, but for some odd reason former WVU QB’s look very good in college, yet falter in the pros. I guess you could say the same thing about Penn State’s great running backs( Blair Thomas, DJ Dozier and Kijana Carter), just to name a few, who just did’nt take it to the next level with the same tenacity. I do hope Pat White follows Marc Bulger’s success, he definitely has all the tools to be great.