Peter King on Vikings Draft

SI’s Peter King offers his expert opinions on the Vikings‘ draft:

Percy Harvin needs the best babysitter in the great north woods. Brad Childress‘ fate may rest with whether Harvin keeps his head on straight … Phil Loadholt, the biggest, baddest tackle on the board, also has NFL people who don’t trust him to be an Eagle Scout, but he should walk onto the team as the starting right tackle.

I can’t remember the last time the Vikings took two guys on day one who were such iffy propositions.  Oh wait, I can:  a few years ago when they took Ryan Cook and Tarvaris Jackson in the second round.  Obviously, neither of those guys sparked big character worries like Harvin, but both were raw, and neither have really worked out that well.  I do like that we were willing to roll the dice on these new guys though.  They are both physically gifted and if they pan out you could have Pro Bowlers on your hands.  I just hope Childress hasn’t over-estimated his psychology skills.

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  • Mike

    All of the tackles and wide receivers  available after the Vikings #22 slot were risky.  Although Michael Oher was by far the least risky and Chilly paniced and passed on him.  But he can still save his career by getting Favre.

  • jeege

    Let me just say this; if Harvin catches 15 touchdowns and Peterson runs for 2000 yards behind this o-line of absolute monsters…it won’t matter much at all how “risky” the picks are. You never know how these things will turn out until its been a couple of years anyway!

    Give em a chance! Let em play already! Where is august? Go Vikes!

  • Mike

    A Packer fan made a great point that I didn’t even think about, even if he was trying to trash Favre.  He said Favre gets most of his yardage after the catch.  Of course, the West Coast Offense is based on yards after the catch. Favre can hit receivers with a bullet on the run while  T-Jack has shown to be too inconsistent at making those short throws while leading the WR.  Moreover, Percy Harvin in the slot would be perfect fit for that with Favre.  If the Vikings get Favre, I get really excited!

  • jeege

    Did anyone see Darius Heyward Bey crying when he got picked?

    I feel for the guy. I couldnt tell if he was crying for joy at being picked 7th over all, or out of sheer sorrow that he had to put on silver and black and fade into non-existence with the worst run franchise in the country…second only to the Lions…and the Rams.

  • Mike

    Just like the rest of us, Darius Heyward Bey was probably shocked he was selected that high.  Al Davis has the porch lights on but I don’t think anyone is home.

  • nickmx50

    You can’t keep doing the same things and expect to get different results.  Chilly put his neck on the line with Harvin, cause lets face it,  Chilly’s neck is on the line anyway.  I think we have an advantage that it is less tollerant Team and NFL than it  has been in past years.  Harvin is being brought onto a solid team that can win.  I think that will be the largest motivator to do right.  One thing we do know about Harvin is he a fierce competitor and wants to win.

    -Heyward-bey looked more crapped out than Eli getting drafted to the chargers.  Hang in there Darius!  At least Al Davis knows how to right big checks.

  • All Day 28

    Peter King, hahahaha, he talks shit about Percy and Loadholt, then goes on to say if they work out that they are both pro bowl players and is impressed that we took a chance on them. So what is your verdict then king ?? Did we take two guys that you think are horrible and wont translate to the NFL level or did we take two guys that are going to be Pro Bowlers. I love how alot of ppl are talking crap about Percy’s character issue’s, they will all be nuthugging him once the season starts and he explodes. Oh yea i knew he would do great and have no issue’s, I can hear it now

  • Anthony_Carter

    Can we stop with the Favre stuff? He has been overrated for 10 years. He is no longer a competent NFL QB and has an arm injury to boot. How many more INTs does this guy have throw in key situations before people start to understand he’s not a good quarterback anymore? We already have two crap QBs on the team…no need for a third.

  • Mike
  • Anthony_Carter

    Ugh…he’s terrible. I’d rather see TJack behind center, and TJack sucks.

  • Mike

    The West Coast Offense of the Vikings and Packers is based on short accurate passes and yards after the catch.  T-Jack has been too inconsistent at making accurate short throws.  Favre can hit receivers with a bullet strike in stride. Now Green Bay fans will have to watch Favre doing with Harvin what he used to do with Driver against the Vikings.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    A.C., It’s not fair to call Rosenfels a crap QB just yet, because in all fairness, he has’nt played a down in a Vikings uniform. Now, unless we  pick up a veteran soon, he’ll have a chance to prove his worth. If he fails miserably, then I’ll be another disgruntled fan ready to pile on both QB’s. As far as the two draft picks in Harvin and Loadholt, they should work out just fine under Childress’ watch. In all reality, i think the Vikings should do well this season, i just hope the QB situation works out in one way or another.

  • Mike

    Bernie, I can’t agree with you.  Sage Rosenfels is career backup, rated as solid backup potential and brought in by Childress as a backup to his man-crush for a 4th round draft pick with backup pay.  Sage Rosenfels is fairly accurate but lacks the arm strength to make the quick tight throws.

  • Rick

    I agree with Mike  But in the QB position who besides backups has chilly brought in?  and sage has played for 4 teams  in 8 yrs  I hope he proves me wrong . I think the Vikes have a Great defense
    but with so many weapons for the run and pass game without a   Good QB  we’ll be chanting wait till next year!!  We need a Good coach…

  • Mike

    Rick, I agree.  But I think we can win the super bowl if we just put pressure on Childress.  More coming.