Minneapolis-to-Hattiesburg Flight Sets Off More Brett Favre Hysteria

It took about 24 hours to go from Brett Favre being released to full-on Favre-to-Vikings speculation hysteria, complete with items like this gem from Florio:

It probably means nothing.

But, let’s face it, Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport is hardly a major hub of transportation.

Only five flights arrived there today, and only six departed.

One of the arrivals came from Minneapolis, and one of the departures headed back there.

The plane from Minneapolis arrived at 9:11 a.m. local time, and left at 4:14 p.m. local time.

It probably has nothing to do with one of the more famous residents of Hattiesburg.  After all, he’s retired from playing football, and he has no intention of coming back.

As it turns out, there was no m********king Favre on that m********king plane, just Target executives, according to WTMJ in Milwaukee.  Maybe they flew down there to meet Favre about some big new endorsement deal.  Maybe they just wanted a ride on his tractor.  Or maybe, impossible as it may seem, the trip had nothing whatsoever to do with Favre.

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  • jeege

    I can’t stop talking about the possibilities to anyone who will give me their ear for even a few moments!

    Favre in Purple!?! I didnt think it could ever happen! (It still might not) BUT COME ON!

  • Mike

    I am try to get Chilly to forget his man-crush for Tarvaris and get  a developed QB like Favre:


  • Pack is Back

    Favre in pretty purple – bring it on. I’d love to see Aaron Rodgers shred the washed up hillbilly.  

  • jeege

    They both play on offense…so I’m not sure what he could do to “shred” Favre.

    Thanks for the addition to the conversation though!

  • Pack is Back

    Favre should simply stay retired, as he is simply washed up. The vikings would be better off playing Jackson over picking up an aging and immobile tractor driver. Brett doesn’t like practicing and will last fewer and fewer games each season. I would really like to see Favre have to compete for the starting QB position on nearly any NFL team – he would be nothing better than 2nd string.

  • firerose617

    Why in the world would Target executives fly to a municipal airport that averages 5 or 6 flights a day….2  to  3 or those being scheduled round trip flights to Memphis that they run routinely.  Doesn’t make sense…

  • http://hotmail Eddie Torres

    To: Pack is Back..I’m not that keen on Brett Favre but to listen to you, you sound downright scared of  him coming to the Purple….A. Rodgers did o.k. last year but remember it was the Purple that walked away with the Division…Favre, if he were to come to the Vikings would only do the team better…so don’t get to confident about the pack being back…

  • Mike

    We really trust anything someone named Pack is Back has to say.  You belong on your stupid green sight.

  • Chuck

    The only thing  Your going to see is Allen Shredding up Rodgers…

  • IBleedPurple

    Would love to see Farve in purple, then people like pack is back, who loved him in green;  but god fobid, one of the best QB’s to ever play goes somewhere else; will see what a real QB does.. And for the pack is back and  Mr. Rodgers get used to last place.. :) Farve would play for free just to showup all the people who dont think he has what it takes!!

  • Pack is Back

    Good luck with Favre. I hope he does sign with the Viqueens. I couldn’t wish for a better fit  – a washed up bitch named Favre with a bunch of  fans who will NEVER know what it’s like to win THE BIG ONE. Enjoy sloppy seconds, as Favre will be the one to prove that the Packers and Ted Thompson were right to get rid of him - suckers!!!!

  • Mike

    Packers fans will never be able to live it down after Favre leads the Vikings to a super bowl championship.

  • Favre is a HICK

    Do you idiot vikings fans not remember that Favre practiced in a dome – but could rarely win in a dome – isn’t the Humpty Dump a Dome?

  • Mike

    You are either an idiot Packer fan or should be.  Calling country people hicks is low class.  Moreover, don’t you remember that Favre’s poor performance in the Metrodome was reversed in more recent years?  Packer fans should just stay on their own web site.

  • john kinkel

    Minn. Vikes  need a QB and Favre is now available.  I have seen 99% of all his  games and used to be a packer fan.  Vikes are nuts if they do not pick him up.  He will sell tickets and win games.  That is the bottom line.  If he cannot do the job, coach can cut him.  Jets were  8-3 before Favre got  injured.  Don’t say he is washed up.  He was injured.  He will make Vikes  a better team.  jk

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    wow, i can’t believe it. look at these packer fans. you know what? even when emmitt smith left the cowboys i wished him well. thats because of all he gave when he was on the cowboys. i did’nt think emmitt was that great of a human being from some of the stories i heard about him, but he was one of the greatest football players ever, and he gave his all to the dallas cowboys. yeah he was well paid, but he earned his keep for sure. again i’ll say he also “earned” respect from every cowboy fan and probably every football fan as well. if not, tell me why. well brett farve is on that same level. i hated farve as a player. i hated joe montana, jerry rice, fran tarkenton…..etc…..but i repected the hell out of each one of them because of what they gave to the game. farve has earned that respect from me, you, and all football fans; BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY FROM THE PACKER FANS……or should i say from the so-called packer fans that just posted here. first off you should be ashamed of your foul posts to begin with, and then hang your head for blaspheming the name of your great bret farve…….you ought to be ashamed….good grief…..

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