Percy Harvin Rookie Minicamp No-Show Sparks Anxiety

It took Percy Harvin less than a week to become embroiled in his first controversy as a Minnesota Viking:  Friday, the former Florida wide receiver was expected to report to the team’s three-day rookie minicamp, but when reporters arrived for the media session…no Percy.  The dispatches immediately started going out, via Access Vikings and the like, setting off a firestorm of speculation.  Had Percy already gone diva on the Vikes and refused to attend the camp?  Was it some kind of hold-out ploy?  Was he holed up somewhere with a pipe and a big bag of Funyuns?

We would have to wait for Brad Childress to address the media to find out where Percy was at.  After the end of practice, Childress indeed revealed what is up with Harvin:  he is in Atlanta, in the hospital with severe dehydration, after a vomiting attack at the airport.  The coach said Percy is expected to be released in 24-48 hours.

My initial reaction was, “Okay, at least it wasn’t anything silly.”  And then I thought, “Wait a second…why the hell is he getting sick at the airport?  Swine flu?  A bad trip?  Nerves?”  I would almost prefer swine flu or even the bad trip.  I would hate like hell to think the guy who’s supposed to spark this Renaissance in our offense is so jittery he can’t even make the flight to rookie minicamp without hurling.

I don’t know if this report resolves the situation or not.  To me, it raises more questions than it answers.

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  • Mike

    Let us not depend on Percy to spark a Renaissance in our offense.  He is a luxury pick when can hope for but not depend on.  Hey, did you hear Percy addressed the media he said he wanted to play with AP and ………… their QB.  T-Jack isn’t well known throughtout the US.  Housh was surprised also.  Come on Vikes, let us get a real QB.

  • Guess Who

    He’s in the hospital you fuckin dick.

  • Chuck

    Cut the guy some slack,  He is sick and dehydrated!!!

  • Mike

    Guess Who
    I’ll guess you are Mr. Poddy Mouth.

  • C

    Nice work once again Vikings!  To the bottom of the division, dive, dive.

  • Mr. West

    hey mike, he obviously is dependable if you saw any college games. the only ones he missed were due to injury and he always produced, so if you arent gonna be a loyal fan and stand by our teams decision whether you like it or not just find another team because those fans are ppl who are just ridiculous.o and another thing, the only reason he said the QB is because last time i checked we did not have an established starter they are going to be fighting for the starting job.

  • Mr. West

    c, are you telling you never missed a day of work due to sickness?

    think about that….

  • Mr. West

    airplanes are prolly the most germ populated places you can be in recycled air over used pillows and blankets and sick ppl everywhere

  • Mike

    Mr West.  I wasn’t talking about Percy missing games.  I was saying we cant depend on Percy to spark a Renaissance in our offense.  I also disgree that to be a fan, you have to agree with every thing the coach says.  Even Winfield doesn’t agree about the QB.  Moreover, Percy fumbled trying to think of the name of any QB on the Vikings.  He could have said all of them.  My point is not that Percy is dumb but rather we have a bunch of no name QBs that only the biggest football fans in other cities know who they are.

  • Mr. West

    how can we not depend on im to spark that. he is by far the most versitile rookie aside from maybe pat white. he is the most think of having percy lined up on one side AP on the other bernard as a wide out and visnathe as TE we could go left right short deep screen to either side hand off to either side he opens up a huge amount of options. i never said you have to agree. i think we should get a qb too, but that doesnt mean im going to start bad mouthing the team.  you live with their choice and support its what a fan does.

  • Mr. West

    one other thing, i was reading on in an article on the vikings a person left a comment saying that billy b from the pats convinced percy to purposely to fail the drug test at the combine to drop his stock and hopefully fall to them. they didnt have a pick in the 1st rd. but they did have the 2nd pick in the 2nd rd. sounds something like the patriots would do to me.

  • Ab

    I think it’s fair to say he probably partied hard this week and got drunk a few times hence the dehydration. 

  • Gatorfan

    Don’t worry about Percy, he never had any controversy when he led the gators to two titles,  and he was the rivals #1 overall pick coming out of high school.  Just judge him on the field he played every game in college when he wasn’t hurt and has showed he can carry the team.

  • Mike

    Adrian Peterson is the focus of the Vikings offense.  He just needed a good QB, better RT and healthy WR to take some pressure off him.  Percy was a luxury pick – a boom or bust.  Percy came from a completely different offense at Florida and doesn’t appear to have the intelligence to adjust quickly.  When he does adjust, the Vikings think he will be like Reggie Bush.  A help to Peterson but not the focus or even necessarily the spark.

    I don’t consider what I say to be bad-mouthing, but rather constructive criticsm.  I am not going to live with T-Jack for even one more year.

    On your second point, the Pats did have a pick in the first round, right after the Vikings, but they traded it to Balt.  I think the Pats would have just traded up to get Percy if they wanted him bad enough.  Why put him in the NFL testing program.   Moreover, Childress claims Percy helped him beat the Pats to get him.  Who knows. 

  • Lewis Baldwin
  • http://yahoo Mr. Griffin

    dehydrated!!! yes, because of the weed he was smokeing.  you don’t have to be smart to realize what happen and why. it takes 48 hours to get you system clean. ( fail another test or get clean) i’m a teacher, open your eyes everyone. not saying he’s not a great player though!!!

  • jeege

    It takes a month.

    Not 48 hours.

    If you fuck it up by a day, you’ll fail a test.

  • chris

    wow mr griffin weed takes 30 days to get out of ur system read a fuckin book