Did Brad Childress Just Put Bryant McKinnie on Notice?

It’s just a little, seemingly innocent sentence buried in the middle of a Star-Tribune article about Phil Loadholt and the (quite literally) big impression he made on the first day of rookie minicamp.  Or, maybe it isn’t so innocent:

While he was impressed by Loadholt’s first workout, [Brad] Childress stopped well short of handing the big fella the starting right tackle spot ahead of incumbent Ryan Cook. “I see it as a good competition out there,” Childress said.

Childress also said he envisions Loadholt having the flexibility of being able to play both tackle positions.

Elsewhere in the same article, there is a reference to Chilly informing Bryant McKinnie that Loadholt has now officially supplanted him as the largest man on the Vikings’ roster.  Given that remark about Loadholt’s flexibility, I have to ask:  will there be another meeting in the near future where Childress informs McKinnie that he has been replaced as the team’s starting left tackle?  Something to watch for, maybe.

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  • Mike

    I wanted the Vikings to select Oher for that very reason.  But I would be surprised if Loadholt is able to replace McKinnie at left tackle.

  • theflamingmoes

    Doesn’t McKinnie face a yearlong suspension if he gets in trouble again? Maybe Childress doesn’t trust that the big boy can keep his nose clean, I never have liked the oversized idiot.