Gary Myers: "Bitter" Brett Favre Wants Revenge on Packers

If you are among those who burn to have Brett Favre don the horned helmet in 2009, then you will be heartened by this report from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, who absolutely believes that Brett means to play again, and wants desperately to get revenge on his old team the Packers.  The key bit is this quote from an NFL source:

Favre can’t stand Green Bay. He wants to play Green Bay and say, “I told you so.” His bitterness is creating this. I think he’s calling Minnesota. I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak. You haven’t heard the end of Favre. No way. He is bionic. As long as somebody will let him in, he will play.

We know Favre is bitter, that he hates Ted Thompson, and that he wanted to play for the Vikings last year and go out in a blaze of cheesehead-blasting glory.  But, it’s a year later and Favre has another bitter experience in his rearview mirror, a poor season-ending stretch with the Jets.  The question is, does Favre burn enough to beat Green Bay that he would put in the work to rehab his bad arm, and then risk an even more ignominious fate than what befell him in New York?

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  • Mike

    This is going to be the best season ever.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    my uncle, who claims to have all this inside info with his local state representative, viking coaches when he goes to mankato for camp, says he’s got inside info that bevell has already had contact with farve. that farve will do it but won’t make it official till after the start of training camp in july and thats why he wanted his release and thats why he said he’s retired for now! i always laugh at my uncle, but he’s always right. he was friends with karl kasaulke, bob lurtsima, and knew chip meyers from back in his days of playing wr for the bengals???? i don’t know his coaching sources, but if he says he talks to them, he does!!!!!!! he says it’s a done deal, and they’re giddy about it already in the viking coaches den……their plannin on it….mark it down mike, you finally got him

  • illbeatu23

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Hey guys, I wrote an article about how Brett Favre has been disrespected by the Packers and is training like “Rocky” to get ready for his revenge.

  • JC

    I guess you Vikqueen fans must be pretty desperate to want a bitter old man as your quarterback.

  • Chuck

    Funny thing about it is that the bitter old man would lead the Vikings to beat the pukers…

  • All Day 28

    Hey Mike nice article, i always enjoy reading your threads

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yeah, mike i read it too, great stuff. i went and joined the myself……this should be fun, man.

  • Joe

    Apparently Chuck has never watched Brett Favre play before. He’ll throw at least three in the direction of Woodson. Then if they make the playoffs he’ll make Jackson look like Tom Brady. Most un clutch overrated QB ever.

  • Mike

    Thanks guys, glad you liked the article.

    Joe.  Favre doesn’t have a great playoff record compared to Bradshaw, Brady, Montana, Aikman and Elway.  But let us face it his Green Bay teams don’t compare to Pitts., SF, Dallas and maybe even Denver.  Favre has always been asked to do too much.  That will all change when he teams with AP.

  • Chuck

     Apparently Joe hasn’t doesn’t know much about Jackson, Claiming him to look like Tom Brady compared to Favre…

  • Chuck

    Have to agree with All Day and Dallas Dave, I enjoy your articles in Bleacher report, Have it bookmarked and check it often, Keep up the Good work Bro…

  • Nick

    When the Packers won Super Bowl 31, the defense allowed the least points EVER for a season!  Less than the ’85 Bears.  so did Favre really have to do too much?  I love Brett Favre!  He is the greatest Packer of all time, (and the Packers have 21 Hall of Fame Players).  What Brett still does not understand is that the Packers are bigger than HIM!  That is why he is not in Green Bay.  In the words of Lombardi “God, Family” & the Green Bay Packers”!  Brett forgot the last part!

  • MJ

    Even when Brett had a great running game (Ahman Green, Ryan Grant ’07) He still wasn’t clutch, and wasn’t asked to do too much. He just wanted to do too much and that’s why the Pack has underachieved in the playoffs. Brett Favre will ruin your playoff lives with his “gunslingin” ways. He really thinks that he is doing what’s best for the team, and that’s great. The problem is, after doing it for as many years as he has, one would think that he would have figured out that his taking of chances does nothing but crush his team’s hopes of playoffs, or Super Bowls for that matter. Minneosta is so close to a Super Bowl team. I just think that  good ‘ol #4 would put the Vikes a step back.

  • Jim

    MJ, you’re comparing Green and Grant to AP? 

    Enough said.

    PS.  Favre led his team to the NFC championship in 2007.

  • Gary

    I have always been a Packer fan,  I have always respected the Vikings.  I have always cheered for the Vikings when the Pack was out.  I have always wished for the Vikings to win a Super Bowl.  I have LOST respect for Brett Favre.  Too bad he can’t be a man.

  • Chris

    haha that would be cool seeing favre wear purple. What a dream come true… Now packer fans can feel the same way how we  hated favre lol.

  • Charlie

    Gary Myers is a bitter loser cuz Favre left his beloved suck-hole Jets. Gary…your a fat out of shape news guy behind a desk….shut up & report the news, not create it…LOSER!!!!

  • Joe

    to charlie- what the fuck are you saying. he was right, you stupid “bitter loser.”

    mature you stupid fuck.

    Im sure youre in great shape yourself..