It's Not Over: ESPN Says Favre Sent X-Rays of Shoulder to Vikings

Reported just now on ESPN by John Clayton (apparently Jeremy Schaap gets credit for the original scoop):  Brett Favre has sent X-rays of his right shoulder to the Vikings for them to have a gander at.  I’m assuming Brett didn’t just do this for yuks, but by Minnesota’s request.  Not being a medical professional, I have no idea how much you can tell about a torn biceps tendon from looking at X-rays.  Perhaps someone out there who knows something can shed light on this.  My understanding has been that Brett can play with his injury, but not without pain.  And if he wants to relieve said pain he can have a procedure to complete the tear of the tendon, and just play without it, like John Elway did at the end of his career.  This one’s not going away yet.

Update: Schaap says the Vikings are evaluating the X-rays as we speak and – hold your breath kiddies – if they like what they see, Favre…will…be…signed.

Guess Yahoo! Sports can shove it?

Update 2: Bus Cook has chimed in.  Guess what?  He doesn’t know anything about any X-Rays.  Does he know if he has pants on?

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  • Doug

    While xrays aren’t completely useless in the evaluation of a torn biceps tendon, they show nowhere near the detail that I would guess the Vikings medical staff would want.  An MRI would be far superior.  My guess is that either they meant MRI instead of xray or the story is bogus.

  • Dunny

    I am an x-ray tech and Doug is right.  Most of the time when films are people outside medical fields just refer to it as x-ray even if it was CT or MRI.  so most likely it was actually an MRI (with all his money i can’t imagine that all he would get is an x-ray which wont show what they are looking for anyways).

  • Mike

    I  never lost faith Favre would be a Viking.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I’ve been a powerlifter for over 23 years, and although I’m no surgeon, I myself tore both rotator cuffs in during a bench press in a raw power meet. I’m only speaking from experience in that anytime you tear tendons, you’ll have severe pain in that muscle group. I ended up getting my right shoulder repaired, because the surgeon told me he could’nt do both at the same time. Well, 6 months went by through rehab, before i was able to get back to the gym, and about 9 months passed, and it was 100 percent back to full strength. To make a long story short, my left shoulder actually healed over because of inactivity, so it never required surgery, and is 100 percent. The reason i compared it with Favre’s torn biceps injury is that during the off season with inactivity, Favre may have healed over, and lessened the pain of his injury. One pro bodybuilder, Tom Platz had a torn bicep repaired, but the magazine had reported that if you elect surgery on a bicep tear, it may take up to a year of rehab, before it heals. Another guy i knew, a master martial artist tore his bicep, but never had it repaired, yet it healed through inactivity, but his bicep looked odd, because of the tendon detatching. I might add that an MRI is the best way they can see muscle tendon tears, and not X-rays. I might add that having an MRI, and being a bigger person is one of worst experiences in a life time, in fact it is like being shoved in an undersized coffin for over 1 hour, and being told not to move, while sweat is running down your face, and this very loud noise is ringing your ears off the whole time the machine is on. After saying all this and being a hardcore Vikings fan for many years, Brett Favre can play with a torn biceps, like i can compete at powerlifting, and still win. Come on Favre, make the call, the Vikings need you.

  • Mike

    Bernie, Brett has made the call, and after the Vikings said they needed to see his medical reports, he sent them.  I see little problem here at all with a partial tear, whether natural healing or even having it clipped.  I expect a signing soon. 

    P.S.  I am familiar with everything you said because I have been through the surgery route.

  • John

    Sign that man up and start making jerseys!

  • culehandluuk

    Farve hasn’t come out and denied anything……..niether has Childress……read into it…….they’re talking or this circus would have been put to rest.   Until we get confirmation from either Farve or someone at the top of the Vikings that this thing is dead,  rest assured that the two sides are working on getting something hammered out.   As far as his arm goes…..a 40 year old QB with a damaged wing won’t help the Vikes much on Sundays.  A healthy Farve however would be enough to take the Vikes where they’re looking to go.  He’d go out on top and wave his middle finger Mr. Thompson as he rides off.  Zigi would get his stadium and Chilli could finally sleep knowing he really has a ” kick ass offense”.    Pure Bliss boys.   

  • Mike

    The Star Tribune’s Patrick Reuse agrees that the standoff between Childress and Favre was over required attendance at OTAs:

    The same reason he faked retirement from the Packers.  Only the swiss cheese brains thought he was serious and moved on without him.

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