Favre's Shoulder Could be Worse Than We Thought

Greg Bedard, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer and invaluable Twitterer, has offered a bit of clarification on the whole Brett Favre X-ray story.  Basically, if the Vikings are looking at X-rays of Favre’s shoulder and not, say, MRIs, then they must be looking for something besides the torn tendon everyone’s known about for months.  In fact, it’s possible that Favre’s arm is way more screwed up than previously reported.  One source told Bedard:

If you put your finger in (Favre’s) shoulder it goes right through. That’s not a good sign. There’s a reason why he hasn’t picked up a football yet.


Bedard goes on to list a trio of things the Vikes might be looking for:  additional damage to the rotator cuff; a rupture in the sheath surrounding the biceps tendon; or cartilage damage in the shoulder.  Jeremy Schaap reported yesterday that, if the Vikes determine that Favre requires major surgery, the deal is off – obviously, since he wouldn’t be able to play then, and why would you sign him if he couldn’t play?  Even the Vikings aren’t that dumb.

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  • larry

    Now that’s a stupid post if I ever saw one!  And it offers no “clarification” outside of sheer speculation.  Greg Bedard assumes that there is both an X-ray and an MRI available and the Vikings just wanted to see the X-ray because there is something more seriously wrong.  C’mon Greg, don’t be so dumb!  It is not uncommon to X-ray a shoulder initially and that probably is what Brett did and that is what is available for the Viking to see at this point in time.  An MRI might come later, or might not  depending.

    If that’s the best you have Greg, perhaps you should look for another line of work.

  • Mike

    The biggest question I would have is why didn’t the doctors discover these additional problems when they did the medical tests for the Jets.

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