Werder Says No Surgery for Favre

ESPN big-shot Ed Werder has fired his bazooka into the face of Charley WaltersBrett Favre will have surgery this week report:

Citing unnamed sources, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that Favre was to meet with Andrews on Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama, to discuss surgery on his throwing shoulder and that the procedure was expected to be performed later this week.

Favre, however, remains focused on non-surgical options, including cortisone injections and natural movements like light throwing and bicep curls that might cause the tendon to release naturally, the source told ESPN. If the tendon releases and the pain subsides, Favre is virtually certain to play again. If he has surgery and his arm strength diminishes or the pain remains, he will remain retired, the source said.

Werder, a regular Favre butt-spelunker, also says that Favre is losing patience with the whole shoulder issue, and may soon just chuck the comeback plan.  Which would no doubt disappoint his wife Deanna who allegedly wants revenge on Ted Thompson like Inigo Montoya wanted it on the six-fingered man.

Another Charley Walters report goes down in flames.  Actually, ESPN hasn’t exactly been a bastion of accuracy during this whole drama either.  Pretty much everyone is grasping at straws right now, trying to keep this story alive.  Including me.

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  • All Day 28

    This is really getting annoying, I hope his shoulder heals and he comes back and plays. I wish Brett would do a damn interview and tell us look im trying to get my shoulder into playing shape and if i am able to then im going to come back and play. If i cant then i will stay retired

  • KJ

    AD28- That’s “clearly” a clear cut statement which Favre has never been know in the past to put on the table. I think he wants to stay in the background until he knows whats up and keep the speculation to a minimum (if you can call it that!).

  • Mike

    Maybe Favre really is so opposed to surgery that he must pop the tendon naturally if he is to play.

  • All Day 28

    Hey mike, how about we fly down to Favre’s house and go help him catch ball’s and twist on his shoulder for him to hopefull help that tendon pop sooner than later

  • Mike

    Dallas Dave is closer.  Send him to go flirt with Favre’s wife.  Favre will probably pop it while beating the crap out of him.

  • Mike

    ESPN John Clayton says Favre had bad luck with surgeries early in his career so he wants to avoid it.

  • Mike

    But I think a right uppercut to Dallas Dave would release it.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Like i said last week, i tore both rotator cuffs at a powerlifting meet several years ago, i opted for surgery on the right shoulder, because it was hurting more than the left. Nine months after the surgery, i competed again. The funny thing is that the repaired side still hurts some when it’s cold out, but the left shoulder has no pain whatsoever. Yes, it healed over naturally after so many months of inactivity. My only advice to Brett Favre is forget the surgery, if you really want to comeback out of retirement, and lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl Championship. Rehab time is way too long, when it’s torn tendons you’re talking about, and who’s to say the surgery won’t hinder him even more, causing tightness and pain up and down his whole arm?  Favre at 70% is better than Jackson on his best day. Give it some more R and R, he’ll be amazed at how good his arm feels.  

  • Jim

    I”m with Bernie on this one.  Rest the shoulder and see what happens.  Surgery is not the answer here.  It even gives him an excuse to miss whatever preseason bs that the rookies and the people that have something to prove participate in.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey, hey, wait a minute here. i said i think deanna is hot, but i ain’t helpin you guys out by getting the crap beat out of me so farve can finish tearin his bicep tendon…..what kind of a guy do you think i am. besides my wife won’t let me……and i’m scared to ask…….sorry mike. and ffor your info, a buddy of mine is a viking fan here in n.iowa, and is also a doctor. i have a partially torn miniscus in my knee, and he said the best thing is to let it tear all the way first before treating it with either surgury or to let the tear heal naturally. which ever my pain threshold would allow. farve has a very high pain threshold, obviliously, so he might not need to do anything. john elway went threw the same, and came out fine. i don’t think elway had surgury for it either????? bernie’s dead on with this one. and i think thats what the doctors are telling farve as an option?

  • Jim

    Dave, pretty sure Elway opted for the minor surgery, and did not have any complications. I could be wrong though.

  • Mike

    I think Elways’s tendon popped naturally.