Adrian Peterson Wants Brett Favre

Adrian Peterson is being asked a lot of questions about the Brett Favre saga, and of course, being well-schooled by Master Chilly in the art of speaking without saying anything, he is not dropping any verbal hints that might give away what he really feels.  However, in this age of video, we have more to go on than just what a guy says – we can see the look on his face when he says what he says.  And, looking at Adrian’s face when he talks about Brett Favre in this video…he looks like a kid dreaming about unwrapping his Christmas presents and finding a new PS3.

But, of course, he’s focused on what he can do, and he believes in Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

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  • Mike

    AD will run wild if and when the Vikings get Favre.

  • Umbra

    Fixed it for you…

    AD will run wild if and when the Vikings get Vick.

  • Jim

    Umbra you’re dumb.

    One thing Favre never had was a back with the ability that AP has.  Of course he wants Favre, because he knows he’ll be the league MVP if Favre stays healthy.

  • Mike

    Vick would add little to the Vikings core offense.  He is a faster running than T-Jack, but less accurate passing.  Defenses would just continue loading the box against the Vikings QB and RB with no fear of a passing game.  Berrian, Rice, Harvin and AD would be much better with Favre.

  • Spanky

    Please Please no more Favre until you know one way or the sick to death of it already!!!!!

  • Alfalfa

    Favre to the Vikings will happen.

  • Jim

    Sick to death of all the national attention that the Vikings are getting Spanky? 

  • Anthony

    Anybody with half a sense of read-between-the-lines can see that this is Adrian Peterson saying that he wants Brett Favre on his team.  Of course, he can’t publicly acknowledge that or otherwise say it out loud, but it does make you wonder.  So then the question becomes, does Adrian Peterson want to get Brett Favre because he’s a living legend and there’s a giddyness about having that opportunity, or is it because he’s not convinced that Rosenfels or Jackson can get the job done?  Or both?  Unfortunately I don’t know that we’ll get an answer to that question.

  • Alfalfa

    AD’s only concern is improving his game.  Bernard Berrian also much the same thing about getting Favre.

  • Jim

    The only player’s game that would not improve is Ryan Longwell.  He’ll have less field goal attempts.  But of course he remembers what that’s like when he was on GB.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I agree totally with Mike in that adding Vick would be like having another running back in the backfield. What the Vikings need is a proven winner and leader in a QB , and that would be Brett Favre. Adrian Peterson is not dumb, he realizes that his stats go up dramatically in all phases of the offense, both rushing and receiving. We as hardcore Vikings’ fans know that we can’t settle for second best anymore, and all of us know that anything less than being the Super Bowl champs this year would be yet another dissapointing setback in the many we’ve had to endure over all these years. Let’s face reality guys, Favre is the only QB that can get us there right now. Who cares about 2 years from now? We want the ring now, or it could be off to LA and be the new California team. I hope Mike is right about Favre wanting to be a Viking for sure, and if you’ve viewed his comments on this page for the last few months, you’ll find out that he’s predicted this whole scenario about Favre from the start, and that scenario looks better for the Vikings as each day passes. As a long-time devoted fan, i’m only hoping he comes back to make us champs, and if  he succeeds, then, man, you could’nt write a better story than that.