Bears Players Lobbying for Plaxico Burress

Certain members of the Chicago Bears have been openly lobbying for the team to sign Plaxico Burress, the troubled former Giants wide receiver, whose 2008 season ended in the time it took him to shoot himself in the leg while illegally packing a gun at a club (an incident that could still end up landing him in jail).

“I feel pretty comfortable with what we have here right now,” said Viking-killer Devin Hester. ”If we added Plaxico Burress, that’s only going to build confidence even more. Why wouldn’t he help us?”

Well Devin, for example, if he went and blew another hole in his own thigh with a heater he lacked a permit for…that would not help you.  But yeah, otherwise, adding Plaxico to a team with a pretty putrid receiver corps would be a good idea, especially when you have Jay Cutler the whiskey-swilling gunslinger on the team.  Not surrounding Cutler with good weapons sounds like a fantastic way of encouraging him to pull the same crap with the Bears that he pulled with Denver

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  • Mike

    The Bears become the division favorites if they get Burress with Cutler and the Vikings don’t get Favre.

  • Behr

    Wow, the hypocrisy is staggerring, since Jared Allen has been busted for *3* DUI’s before the Vikes deemed that he was a chance worth taking.

    *News Flash* – the Bears are ALREADY favorites to win the Division with the additions of Cutler, Pace, Tinoisomoa, Omiyale, Shaffer,  and Merinelli, plus the healthy return of  Tommy Harris and Williams on each side of the line.  With Burres, the Bears are legitimate Superbowl Contenders.
    Bring it.  The Bears will be ready.

  • Mike

    Behr, which oddsmaker is currently favoring the Bears?  Not any I have seen.

  • jeege

    “Pace, Tinoisomoa, Omiyale, Shaffer,  and Merinelli????”

    Are you fucking kidding me? That’s your amo? That’s what is making Bear fans so excited? What a joke man.

  • jeege

    The only name on that list that is even remotely recognizable is Marinelli…and he’s only recognizable as the only head coach who has ever lost every game possible in a single season! Leave it to a Bears fan to get caught up so much in their own hype that they fail to recognize the sad truth: The Bears are over the hill where they used to be talented and untalented where they need to have talent! The only guy who doesn’t fit into either of those categories is Cutler and he’s a whiny little bitch who will turn on the team faster than you can say “two first rounders!”

    You have a cornerback playing receiver for the love of…do you realize that they try shit like that in highschool?

    All the wind in that city is making yall bear fans stupid. Its blowing a hole through your brain with entry and exit points at your ears.

    Favorites? Dream ON! Even without Favre the Vikes are the favorites AND they’ll deliver even without Favre.

    Go back to Chicago you nancy!

  • jeege

    I had to google Omiyale just to make sure he was an actual NFL football player. If you google Shaffer he doesn’t even show up!

    Give me a break.

  • Burt

    The only winning team that wears Purple is playing against the Magic tonight.

    Clean up your act Vikes!

  • jeege

    A Bears fan AND a Lakers fan? Looks like you have the market cornered on teams with fans that love the smell of their own farts so much that they can’t believe the sad truth: Their teams just aren’t that good!

  • Jim

    Let’s assume that Favre doesn’t go to the Vikes.  Not so sure they would be the favorites.  They will need to see Sage play at the very top of the game minus all his 4th qtr chokes. 

    Cutler on the Bears especially with a star WR presents problems.

  • Tquick

    The CRUISE, Williams bros., Jared Allen,… even your very talented Devin Hester wannabe has character issues. …Think before you write!
    I’m a Bears and Magic fan by the way. Do you have a problem with the Magic too, or do you  just hate winners?

  • jeege

    The Magic are a few lucky 3′s away from cellar dwelling. But congratulations on being a “winner”.

    I’m assuming 13 years of utter failure don’t mean anything right?

  • jeege

    Wait…wait…the cruise? Did you just bring that up? Really? How about you do some thinking before you write pal. No one from that ancient piece of news is even on the team any more.

  • Behr

    Those players are only a part of the improvement the Bears have had this year.  Smith is a better HC then the idiot you have wearing the headset, and he’ll be calling the defense this year, which is where he excelled w/ the Rams.  Our O-line is going to be much bigger and better to take on your steroid eating/cheating d-lineman, and I doubt Allen gets a sack against Cutler this year.  Go ahead and dismiss Hester… as he flys past your ordinary secondary running under Cutler’s accurate and long passes, and Olsen will kick your LB’s asses. No stacking the box this year, so Forte will have room to roll over, as if he needed it.   Someone who won’t have room to roll this year will be AP, who’ll now have to deal with the best LB’g trio in the league.  Dusty’s back on the D’line, Vasher and Tillman are healthy and back at corner, and all ’round the Bears are probably the deepest team in the league in almost every area of the team.
     Go ahead and stick your heads in the Minnesota bogs up here (yes, I live in the Twin Cities area), but don’t cry when the best you can do in the division is second place.
    Oh, and after just a quick search about Vegas odds: 

    And one more thing;  what, nothing on the initial point about how hypocritical the initial article was about going after a players with a past?  Smart move.

  • Chuck

    Thought about it…
    Does Anybody Else really care what Behr,TQuick or Burt thinks??? Probably Not… Go back to your own site…

  • Mike

    Thanks Behr for finding 3 idiot bookmakers for me.  Here are 3 that will give you Bears fans really good odds:

    Good luck, you’ll need it!

  • Corey

    Signing Plax would be the icing on the cake of the BEST OFFSEASON EVER!!!!!

  • Mike

    Corey, that depends which oddsmaker you listen to.  Some favor the Vikings.

  • Behr

    Mike Says:   Behr, which oddsmaker is currently favoring the Bears?  Not any I have seen.”

    And then when I do what he asks, Mike acts like I said there are no sites who rank the Vikes with better odds.  Hey Mikey, what’s your point?  Now you’ve seen some.  can’t be the first time you’ve learned something.
    Chuck wonders why I’m here in the first place.  Dude, it’s not like I searched you out….  this post came up on my Chicago Bears Google alert.  Basically, you came to me.   Lucky you!
    Go Bears!!!

  • Jim

    Well maybe Bears and Vikings fans can rejoice that their is an excellent chance that the Packers will suck next year!!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    wait a minute here, i caught that and my uncle laughed like hell at it. is he going to be belting em back with jared allen then? i mean i’ve heard cutler refered to as a “gun slinger qb” ,…. but a “whiskey swilling gunslinger” is the first i’ve heard of????? if he’s swillin whiskey before he’s gunslingin, we’re all in trouble? where did the “whiskey” part come from????…..hahahahaha, …..i prefer sailor jerry’s spiced rum, myself

  • jeege

    There were pictures of him partying hard with Coolio.

    That was not a joke.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Burt, I do recall that the Baltimore Ravens wore purple and white when they won a Super Bowl, but because a team had never won a Super Bowl like the Vikings, does’nt neccessarily classify them as losers. Bud Grant had a winning record throughout his coaching career, despite of never winning a Super Bowl.

  • Powder

    Ok !! you vikings fans are all a bunch of dreamers!!! I hope you get Bret I really do. It will make it that much sweeter when Da Bears stick it up ur ass this season.. Tarvis Jackson ?? Are you kidding me? Can you say Kordell Stewart? You will never be a good team year after year as long as Brad Childres is your coach.

    Go have another drama filled boat incident!!!

    Cutler for MVP!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Cutler for injured reserve after Jared Allen gets him.

  • Jaqueline%9Peter

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