Brad Childress Tells Elementary Student Not to Trust "The Freaking Newspaper"

Brad Childress was with the Vikings building a playground at an elementary school in Brooklyn Park the other day when an intrepid young aspiring journalist approached the coach and began firing off questions about Brett Favre.  Chilly, knowing he couldn’t merely brush off the young lad, replied that Favre was retired.  The relentless pubescent journo came right back at the Chilly however, saying, “I read the newspaper, and it says he’s coming back.”  Chilly, backed into a corner – and surrounded by real reporters eager to watch him stick his foot in it – replied to the kid:

Really? You know what, the freaking newspaper, I wouldn’t trust anything that’s written in the newspaper. It’s all hearsay.

The Pioneer-Press‘s Sean Jensen characterized the above exchange as “playful,” but I wonder how much Chilly was playing, and how much he was venting.  I have to imagine he’s sick of answering Favre questions.  The reporters, I’d venture to guess, are sick of asking them.  I wish the kid had kept at Chilly, grilling him until he started wishing he was in Gitmo having his fingernails ripped out.  Would’ve been sweet.

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  • Mike

    Danzinski, Danzinski, Danzinski, just leave poor Chilly and Favre alone until they sign him just before training camp.

  • Rob

    Favre is going to sign, likely by the end of June. Ppeople like to bash Favre throughout this whole thing, even tho he hasnt made any comments. Last year ppl cried bc he was said too much and they accused him of enjoying the drama, now he is trying to keep silence until he knows his shoulder will alow him to sign and ppl whine some more. Why would he sign in May and then breakdown or find out in Aug that his shoulder isnt going to hold up? I’m sure that would go over real well if he signed now than announced in Aug that his shoulder is shot after all. Naturally, you wait and see how it holds up and THEN you sign. Too the countless ppl that say they are SOOOOOO sick and tired of reading this stuff….. MEMO: stop reading it and stop taking the time to post about it… Here’s to Favre playing in 09 and angering more ppl when he beats their team!…. CHEERS!

  • Jim

    Who do the Vikes lose to with Favre under center and AP in the backfield?

    Maybe Pit, Carolina.  Rest of the games are easily winnable.  Even Pit and Carolina is winnable.  Seems like they’d be easily good enough to get to the NFC championship or beyond.

    Bus Cook just needs to stfu.  Just my opinion.

  • Mike

    HA HA, Grumpy Old Fran.  First your RB and now your best offensive lineman comes out against you.  Former Viking from 1968 until 1981 and Hall of Famer Ron Yary is a Brett Favre fan.  Yary claims “If the Vikings would have had Brett Favre during the time of my career (instead of Fran), we would have been 7-0 in Super Bowls.”

  • Mike

    Former Vikings coach Jerry Burns says Brett Favre is the best QB who ever played the game.  “Great quarterbacks have two limitless qualities. One, obviously, is their physical skill at throwing a football. But the other one is an intangible where you’re able to get the most out of your players on your offense and get them to perform at their very highest level by your relationship with them.”

  • Paul
  • Jim

    oh yeah baby, it’s so on!!!!! 

  • Jim

    “Favre has thrown on a limited basis since the surgery, which occurred last month, but has not felt close to “100 percent” and would not come back unless he makes significant progress, sources said.”

    lol @ the source.  of course he’s not 100%. He probably had the surgery around May 18-22 when it was reported he was seeing Dr. Andrews.   That’s only 2-3 weeks of recover time or course he’s not 100%.  Done deal, I’m sure the contract details were worked out prior to the surgery.  Looking forward to a great season.

  • Jim

    bye-bye t-joke

  • Mike

    The article said Favre got the surgery last month.  But the video says last week.  Maybe May 31.  I think I remember hearing he shouldn’t be throwing for 2 weeks?

  • Mike

    ESPN Physical therapist Stephania Bell said the recovery would be quick enough to allow Favre to throw lightly in as little as four weeks.  Full recovery is 6-8 weeks.

  • Mike

    Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, declined to confirm or deny the surgery when contacted by ESPN.

  • Dan

    Go Vikings GO       GO BRETT GO

    Where do I buy tickets??  Great news…………

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    If it is just arthoscopic surgery, then Favre could be 100 percent within a 6-week time frame. I’ve talked to a few weightlifters at the gym that have had scoping on their shoulders, because their injuries were’nt as severe as a totally torn tendons, only partial tears,hence the quick recovery times. Now that i’ve heard the story on ESPN, i’m thinking Brett’s injury was’nt as bad as first reported. That can only mean great news for Vikings’ fans, as Mike’s prediction several months back about Favre being our QB this season, looks very real and on the mark, as each day passes. I have to admit as a long time Vikes fan, i did’nt like the prospect of Favre returning out of retirement, i was actually hoping we’d get Jay Cutler. Also , after seeing the way Cutler played in the Pro Bowl last season, he looked absolutely awful, just maybe this whole Favre deal will work out for the better, and Cutler may flop for the Bears like he did in Hawaii, then Brett can take us all the way to the Super Bowl.  

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Kevin Seifert writes “Most details of the procedure are unknown, including its exact date. But the most likely option is a tenotomy…. The rehabilitation period is at least four and usually six weeks, meaning Favre is likely in the middle of the healing process. It makes sense that his arm would not be back to full strength.  But the fact that Favre consented to the surgery, rather than continuing exercises that could have completed the tear “naturally,” means he wanted to speed the process of his return and give himself as much time as possible to prepare for training camp.”