Mitch Berger Knows How to Live

Good thing bottles of Grey Goose don’t fit in shoes, otherwise Mitch Berger might’ve kept one in there along with those Snickers bars.

These are way better than those pics of Greg Coleman running naked through the street with a pair of panties on his head.*


*= Greg Coleman never ran naked through the street with panties on his head. Or, if he did, no one ever got pics.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Mike

    Looks like Jay Cutler, not as goofy kicker.

  • nickmx50

    Yeah looks like Jay Cutler in the club but Mitch’s Coolio is way hotter.  Hands are a little high there Mitch lets keep em low……..

  • Mike

    Danzinski claims “Mitch Berger knows how to live”???  Go to Vegas, get plastered and put your hands all over the hired help.  And Berger posts his drunken escapades on his facebook? Then Danzinski admires the drunkenness on his Vikings Age.  Perhaps this explains why Danzinski’s Favre articles are so incoherent.