Antoine Winfield is Losing His Patience

While everyone else has been immersed in waiting for Brett Favre to bestow his savior-like presence upon Purple Nation, Antoine Winfield has been sitting around wondering why he still doesn’t have a contract.  And getting more and more pissed about it.  Winfield finally decided to talk about the affair, telling the Pioneer-Press:

I didn’t expect to be in July without a deal.  Personally, I’m a little disappointed. They consider me a core player, but they’re not showing me that.

The Vikings had been negotiating an extension with Winfield, whose contract expires after the 2009 season, but those talks broke down months ago and there has been no new movement reported since.  Winfield has reacted to the situation by skipping out on all off-season activities so far, including mandatory minicamp (he said he was attending a funeral).

Now Winfield has suggested that more reactions could be in the offing.  “If they want me here, they should be able to get a deal done,” he said.  “There shouldn’t be a problem.  If they don’t, then they need to say that and let’s work toward a resolution that works out good for everyone.”

The fact that the team began negotiating with Winfield then broke it off would seem to suggest that they do want him back.  Then again, situations sometimes change.  It could be that the Vikings have earmarked the money they would’ve paid Antoine for some other purpose – paying an aging former Pro Bowl quarterback for instance – and Antoine is just SOL.

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  • Mike

    Danzinski the Franophile strikes again.  Suggest Favre is to blame for Winfield’s contract with no evidence to back it up.

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  • Macho Man

    Why no posts about Air McNair and his fatal attraction?  Women are nothing but a problem!

  • Macho Man

    Women shot McNair because, although he gave the golddiggers money, he wouldn’t give them everything they demanded: obedience.  Well at least he wasn’t p***ywhipped like Dallas Dave.  Air McNair, you are a martyr for men everywhere.  Thank you!  RIP

  • Macho Man

    Hopefully, Air McNair has gone to a better place where this is no battle of the sexes.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hahahaha, well, i can say this much macho. there is a way to define pussy whipped. mcnair had an unhappy one. i on the other hand have a very content one, so why would i consider my self whipped? but if you feel the need to say that, well thats fine with me. i feel as those i’ve mastered and concurred the situation rather than being whipped by it. but you on the other hand, i have to wonder about? i bet the tag “macho man” goes over real well with the ladies. they just love a guy who has to call himself a “macho man” rather than just being one, but i’m sure you know that already my friend, being a macho man and all? hahahaha. funny stuff again. my wife just laughs her ass off every time she reads these blogs…..keep up the good stuff, very entertaining. too bad about mcnair….he was a class act on the field.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    macho man, i realize women can be a problem sometimes, but what would you suggest as an alternative or solution to the eternal warfare? we don’t seem to have a second choice to the man/women need? so why not make it work like me? oh, but that would make you whipped, right?  well, i don’t seem to have any problems with my situation. i’m a happy, very masculine male who adores women. that’s the secret my friend. don’t hate em, love and cherish them because they were put here for us. not to be bashed and beat down, put to be upheld in high regard and held in high esteem. they are a gift to each man that knows how to appreciate a good women. just stay away from the bad ones. the 4th of july tells us we all have the freedom of choice my friend? look at mcnairs situation. it looks as though he made a bad choice? he had a wife and 4 boys. why would he need another woman? i know that this was a bad choice, do you?

  • Macho Man

    Face it, Dallas Dave, men are born pigs.  An experiment with male sheep showed the number of copulations was proportional to the number of female sheep available in his pen.  Females are born to nest with one mate.  This just can’t work out.