T-Jack's Future

Little to no speculation has been hazarded as to what fate might await Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson should Minnesota sign Brett Favre to become their starter, mostly because, quite frankly, nobody really gives a crap.  It does seem almost certain, though, that Jackson would no longer figure in the Vikings’ plans, making him a prime candidate to be traded.  And, if NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi‘s report (via Rotoworld) is true, a trade is exactly what Tarvaris himself would want.

Lombardi says he has been “hearing talk” that a Favre signing would bring about an immediate trade demand by T-Jack, who has been the Vikings’ opening day starter the last two years.  Rotoworld lists a collection of teams that run the West Coast – St. Louis, Seattle and Washington – as possibly being interested in Jackson, mostly likely in a back-up role, with Green Bay and Chicago on the outside only because the Vikings would be loath to trade Jackson within the division.

There’s little question that, when the Vikes do sign Favre, Jackson will be the odd man out.  Sage Rosenfels seems a much more reliable bet as a back-up – he has enough experience in that sort of role – plus he was just signed to a three year contract, while Jackson is in the final  year of his deal.  John David Booty would likely be retained as the third QB.

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  • Mike

    Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Dunzinski said Booty was the odd man out.  But like I said before I prefer trading Jackson.

  • Mike

    The link says “Quarterbacks come at a premium, but it’s hard to imagine Jackson even attracting a mid-to-late round pick at this stage of the offseason.”  Sounds like the most the Vikings could hope for is 4th rounder or maybe even a 7th rounder.  Not very prized!

  • Tom

    good to know our “starting qb” can bring in that kind of pick!

  • papaspud

    no tears shed here. If we could get anything for him I would be surprised.


    First off,  Childress is more at fault than Tarvaris ever was. This last yr when Chump Childress benched TJ, he never bothered to call TJ into his office or wherever to talk to him about why, what and all the other crap that comes when you make a move like that.  I mean it’s common curtiscy.  Before the season started last yr, all you heard out of Childress was,,, TJ is our man, he’s grown so much,, bla bla bla. Then after 2 games, he’s dirt and Childress never discusses with TJ the plans he has or anything. Sure we know why TJ was pulled, but GD, at least bring the guy in and give him some kind of acknowledgement. Childress doesn’t talk to TJ about anything until he needs him to replace Gus. What kind of a HC has that kind of a relationship with their season opening starting QB? Childress is a loser and TJ is far too valuable to just dump him off. He’s better than Sage in my opinion. Give Booty the boot.

  • Jim

    I think it TJ fault more than anything.  He had many chances to be a starting QB in the NFL but the only thing he’s consistant at is sucking.  Then you start to hear stories about players on the team calling TJ out for not putting enough hours in?  Not a good sign from an outsiders perspective.

  • Mike

    The StP Pioneer Press reports Sidney Rice and Jaymar Johnson have been working out with Larry Fitzgerald this offseason.  Rotowire says Rice “needs to have a big season if the Vikes are going to be as good as they can be. With Brett Favre possibly in the picture in Minnesota, look for Rice to have a very nice season if he can stay healthy.”

    I like this move by Rice because he has much the same style as Fitzgerald – moderate speed, tall and can go up for the ball.  Rice looked good at the end of 2007 but got injured at the start of 2008 when he went up for one of T-Jack’s floaters.  That was a big loss because Rice was the Vikings’ best possession and TD WR, as well as a potential breakaway threat.  Wade was a very mediocre replacement.  Harvin is more of a slot WR like Wade but with better ability to break it.  Harvin will also be only a rookie and rookie WRs rarely are great.  But I would think Jaymar Johnson would probably have been better served by working out with another speedy WR like Bernard Berrian but maybe they see themselves as competitors.   I would think the Vikings would keep Jaymar Johnson instead of picking up Marvin Harrison, who wants to play with Favre.

  • JB

    TJack has 19 career starts and an overall winning record. He QB rating was higher than Brett Farve last season. And, if you look, his rating is on an upward trend while Farve’s is on a downward. But hey, because Brett beat you guys so many times, I guess you remember Farve of 1999 rather than what you need in 2009.

    Typical, there is a reason that Minnesota teams rarely win anything…their fans are about as bad as their management (see the Vikes, the Wild, Mchale and the TWolves, lol)

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Hey JB, if you’d ever watched any big games the Vikings ever played in with T-JACK at QB, it’s almost like watching re-runs of the same program over and over again. We all know about the red-zone interceptions he threw repeatedly, and most of the time they’d be backbreakers, just after the defense would once again, bail us out of trouble, then the other team’s CB would return the INT for the game winning TD. I actually remember one game when T-JACK’S stats at halftime were 2 comp. in 7 att. for 15 total yards. Yeah i’d say he’s on the rise alright, to be the second coming of Kordell Stewart. How could you even mention Brett Favre and Jackson in the same breath, you’ve gotta be kidding me, right? Before you critisize all Vikings fans i’ll bet you that you’re one of those band-wagon jumpers, and roots for whatever team wins the Super Bowl that year, just so you can feel like a winner. The Vikings have had many great seasons and i’ll root for them till the day i die, and i’ve been going on 40 years as a diehard fan. I live in Pennsylvania, but my favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox for 39 years, but a Philadelphia 76er’s fan in the NBA. You bash the other Minnesota teams, yet the Twins had several great years and won the series with Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek, did you forget that one JB? So you see, the Vikings will always be winner’s in my eyes, whether they win the Super Bowl or not, but just one question, JB. iFf Favre does sign on and leads the Vikes to a Super Bowl win, will you join the rest of us great Vikings’ fans as a band-wagoner? It’s o.k. then, cause you’ll be one of us.

  • Jim

    john david booty (jb) you don’t need to come on here and defend little TJ.  Just think about how much money you’ll make selling your #4 jersey.

  • Jim

    unless of course they release your overrated USC ass.