Brett Favre Will Give Vikings His Answer by July 30

It just flashed across ESPN that Brett Favre has told the Vikings he will inform them of his decision on returning by the start of training camp on July 30.  And you can bet that, if Brett says he’ll give them his answer by the 30th, that means he’ll give it on the 30th, as close to midnight of the 31st as possible.

It has long seemed a forgone conclusion that Favre would be signing with the Vikings, but, you know, there are no guarantees in life.  I’m not saying it won’t happen, I’m just saying, I hope some people, if it doesn’t happen, don’t wind up on a ledge some place having to be talked down.  I for one am prepared to embrace Favre if he does arrive, and laugh mockingly if he doesn’t.  And I’m not going to spend the entire season in a funk if the whole thing doesn’t pan out.  I’m a realist.

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  • Mike

    No Dunzinski, like all Franophiles you will be thrilled if the whole thing doesn’t pan out.  Favrophiles recognize that if his surgery didn’t fix the shoulder problem, then perhaps he shouldn’t play.  We are just happy Favre and Childress went through the whole process to at least try save our team from the Tarvaris trajedy.  But it will be sad to watch the great AP slamming into 8 and 9 man fronts again.

  • Mike

    It is possible that there was more wrong with Favre’s arm than the torn bicep tendon that no one knew about, perhaps even Favre.  But if it was just the bicep tendon, I expect him to play.

  • Mark

    Like Mike, I don’t believe you.  Do expand on what he said, you have been so crass through this whole thing that I believe you are only saying this because you feel you must.  I believe you are secretly just like Fran, you want Favre to suck this year (meaning the Vikings will suck along with him), you would secretly enjoy that more than winning even.

  • Mike

    Favre is making this hard to understand.  On Wednesday morning, a jovial Favre hit a variety of passes to high school and college wide receivers. He was crisp on short timing passes and was hitting receivers in the end zone from about 50 yards away. He attempted a few deep passes off bootlegs and usually hit his targets in stride.  Favre’s spirals held true and he proved he still has plenty of zip when he tossed a deep pass to a college receiver who dropped by to work out. The pass split the receiver’s hands and hit him in the face.
    He says the surgery was successful and that he has enough velocity to return to the NFL. But he’s just not sure whether that means he’ll be able to compete for an entire season.  He says it’s getting there.  How does anyone know they can last 16 games?  How do they know any problem has been completely resolved?  Why not play at less than 100%?  When has he ever been 100%?  How many NFL players are playing at 100%?  Isn’t his 90% better T-Jack’s 100%?
    Favre said his hesitation is more about what those watching him practice might not see. He used a golfing analogy to explain his situation. What if, he asked, Tiger Woods came back and found he didn’t have the same game?  “He goes out and hits a 2 iron and he thinks it will go the normal distance it has all his life, then all of a sudden it’s 13 yards short, and he says, ‘I don’t know why that is because everything felt perfect,’ so that’s what I have to get through,” Favre said.  “If you’re throwing and it’s a little off and you have a little pain, it’s a little bit understandable. If there’s no pain and there’s no excuse, that’s where you’ve got a problem. So I want to go out and have one of those days throwing and then have another where all of those throws you make, every warm up throw you make or just in general, feels perfect.”

  • Mike

    John Clayton says Favre will be there unless big setback.  

  • Mike

    The Star Tribune’s Judd Zulgad says “Take it from someone who covered Favre for two seasons in Green Bay, these type of comments are typical. It’s the same reason Favre openly talked about retirement for so many years before actually going through with it. When Favre opens up about having two weeks left, it’s more him convincing himself that he can go through with this.  And he’s just about ready to give it the go-ahead. That’s clear in this comment.  Favre said “I know what it takes to play on Sunday and I still believe I have that.”  And that belief means that come July 30 (or so) there is going to be a news conference in Mankato officially announcing what has been speculated on for nearly three months. Brett Favre is going to be a Viking in 2009. 

  • Chuck

    I really think your right, I think he will be in training camp too.
    Pull the trigger Brett !!!

  • All Day 28

    He is just saving it to avoid the media frenzy, i seriously doubt that a tiny pain in the arm will stop him from returning this year. He has played through plenty more than a minor pain in his arm. He hasnt gone this far to not play

  • Mike

    Today on NFL Live, the football experts thought Favre would be playing.  Ismail said Favre is a top 5 QB, but Woodson thought only top 15.  Heck, I’d take top 15 compared to the Vikings current top 30.

  • Jim

    If you’re basing it off stats I’d say he’s top 10.  But if you’re basing it off the intangibles (ability to read defenses,  D respecting the pass thus removing 1 from the box, etc..)  then definitely top 5.

  • Tina

    Why are the Vikings trying to get a QB that is on his way out?  They should be looking towards the future with a young QB that will be around with the team for a few years!  Once again they are looking at a quick fix instead of molding a Quality QB and team for years to come.

  • Mike

    The Vikings need to win now while the team is good.  Trying to rebuild now around a young QB would waste our chance for a super bowl.  Brett Favre is the only proven accurate WCO passer available.