Brad Childress Kisses Brett Favre's Butt Some More

Brett Favre has told the Vikings he will let them know by July 30th, the first day of training camp, whether he wants to play for them in 2009, and Brad Childress is apparently okay with this timetable.

“He is pushing to see if he feels like he can make it back,” Chilly told Sid Hartman.  “He is not going to play this game unless he can play the way that everybody is used to seeing him play, and it is a work in progress.

“I know everyone gets concerned about, is it the fourth of July, is it the week of the 13th, is it the week of the 20th now, when is it going to be?

“It doesn’t have to be a minute before training camp, but I think if he is going to do that, he won’t miss a day of training camp.”

Translation:  “I know Brett Favre really well, and I know that if I say anything remotely critical of him he will get really ticked off and probably not want to play anymore, and then I’ll have to explain to all the Favre-suckers how I managed to ruin their little dream, and my life will be even more miserable than it was before.  So yeah, we’re pretty much on Favre-time here.”

I hope Chilly has laid in a nice supply of lip balm.  Cause puckering up and pressing your lips to an old quarterback’s pimply butt can cause a lot of chapping.

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  • Mike

    Dunzinski, I would tell you to kiss mine, if I wasn’t afraid you would actually do it.  How do you know Favre has a pimply butt?  Have you broke into his private locker room for a look-see?  Homo? 

    There is no problem with waiting until the start of training camp for Favre to make a decision.  Maybe Favre is truly concerned about his arm. For heaven sakes, Favre isn’t even done with his rehab time of 6-8 weeks. 

    Give him a break big mouth.  Nothing would be worse than signing and having to tell Franophiles like you, to their sick delight, that he didn’t think he could do it. 

    Better then if Sage, or heaven forbid T-Jack, take the reins from the start of camp. 

  • Mike

    Yesterday, you weren’t sure if he would be able to sign.  Today, you are all over Chilly and Favre for not signing now.  What is your problem meat-head?

  • Mike

    Childress added, “I think he (Favre) is a top-five passer in the NFL.”  Better than Tarsage Rosenjack rated at #30.

  • Macho Man

    Percy, stay away from American women!

    Man jailed for not supporting someone else’s child

  • Mike

    John Clayton gives 3 reasons why Vikings should get Favre:  

    (1) Favre improved the Jets’ scoring from 16.8 points a game in ’07 to 26.4 points a game in ’08. Favre’s presence in Minnesota would be worth at least three points a game. 

    (2) Favre would give a talented Vikings team — a team more talented than the Jets — the ability to win any type of game. Jackson, for example, is 0-6 in games in which he has been asked to throw 30 or more passes. With the Jets last year, Favre won six games in which he was asked to throw 30 or more passes. In Minnesota, Favre would have a terrific rushing attack to take the pressure off him. But if running proves unsuccessful for Minnesota in the second half, Favre can step up and win a game with his arm and his experience.

    (3)  He also would give Minnesota the ability to win in the final two minutes, a specialty he perfected in Green Bay.


    Childress loves to say “it’s a work in progress”. That’s his “I’m blowing smoke up your butt” quote for everything. In fact he blows that same smoke so far up Favre’s behind that Chilly has a brown tongue!!!  Childress is chomping at the bits to get Brett into camp and it definitly shows. One eager chump waiting on another chump to show. lol

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  • Mike

    No, MD Ditz, one eager champ waiting on another champ to show.  Super Bowl Champs that is!!!! 

  • Mike

    Oh wow Dunzinski got this article linked to the johnqpublic web site.  I’ll bet that chimp in the picture above the article is smarter than both Dunz and Ditz.

  • Mike

    Skip Bayless finally said he could be wrong when he said Favre is not coming to the Vikings.

  • Mike

    Why are my comments not posting?

  • Mike

    Former Vikings WR Chris Carter told the StP Pioneer Press that he doesn’t see the timing as an issue for the Favre signing and expects the quarterback to upgrade an offense ranked 17th last season.  “If I’m running the Vikings, I’m looking at every position and seeing how I might get better at every position. Forget all the other mess (referring to Favre’s long tenure with the Green Bay Packers). “I know he’s better (than the current quarterbacks). He can make (the Vikings) dangerous.  Carter called Adrian Peterson the “most dominant non-quarterback in the league,” who demands the opposition to put eight defenders in the box.  “With Brett, what kind of cover you going to play against them?” “He opens it up. And Brett opens up their offense for Brad. Brad will do things that he has never done, because of Brett.”
    Carter said 2008 might not be the best barometer of Favre’s abilities because the quarterback waited until late offseason to decide not to retire, then the Packers traded him to the New York Jets during training camp, and he had a limited time to learn a new offense. “He went from spending all of his life in the United States to all of a sudden speaking Chinese when he went to a different system,” Carter said. “(The Jets) couldn’t run their whole offense.”  Carter said the adjustment to the Vikings would be much easier for Favre, who ran a similar West Coast offense in Green Bay.

  • Chuck

    Man, You’ve turned almost everyone against you!!! lol…
    I guess if you like to be hated… You da man

  • Mike

    Skip Bayless finally admitted he could have been wrong when he has said Favre will not sign with the Vikings.

  • AlldayEH

    Ahhahahahahahahah Ive already got my farvrah jersey. Thank god for cheap slave labour…… and china.

  • All Day 28

    Whoa Whoa Whoa haven’t you been talking shit about Favre comming to the vikings AlldayEH ? Yea i think you were, and now all the sudden you have a Favre jersey…. Hmmmm interesting

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  • Richard

    Dunzinski you turned out to be quite an idiot, huh, fortune teller. Do me favor, quit writing, do something like construction maybe.

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