Chilly On Harvin's "Health Issues"

Brad Childress says he’s not worried about Percy Harvin‘s health after the rookie wideout’s two well-publicized emergencies, one of which caused him to be sent home from the recent rookie symposium (meaning he missed Cris Carter‘s sermon about not being a jag-off).

“You always worry about health concerns and making sure you get those things taken care of,” Chilly said. “[Percy]’s going to be there next year and he may be even speaking next year because he’ll have a lap around the track at that point and time. He’ll be able to lend a different perspective for all those rookies.”

Yes, the NFL is making Harvin attend the rookie symposium next year.  He’ll be the only second year guy in a room full of rooks, which is bound to be a tad humiliating.  Like being held back a year in school.

Another thought on Harvin’s toughness (or lack thereof):  The guy they’re bringing in to play quarterback – some Favre fella; don’t know if you’ve heard of him – is known to zip the ball into his receivers with a little extra mustard, occasionally leading to pain and dislocations.  You know where I’m going with this:  I hope to heck Harvin is tougher on the field than he seems to be off it.  We don’t need our alleged dynamic new playmaker flinching every time #4 cuts loose with the fastball.

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  • Bloom

    i really wish there would be someone else running this site, all Danzinski does is type up negative posts on everything the Vikings are doing.  You can obviously tell he is not a Viking fan so why does he even do this?

  • Mike

    I am surprised the Franophiles, Dunzinski and Devin, would even acknowledge that a 39 year old QB could even throw hard.

  • Mike

    What does Chilly mean by “[Percy] may be even speaking next year because he’ll have a lap around the track at that point and time.”  is that like being around the block a few times?  How many bad things will he be doing in the meantime -VD, etc

  • jeege

    Could you possibly be any more negative?

    I appreciate what this site is all about, but Bloom has a bit of a point. I like your sense of humor most of the time danzinski, but there has to come a point where you could at least try to convince us that you actually want to be a Viking fan, right?


    Look, I’m not all about Favre for the sake of the fact that he’s Favre. I’m all about getting the best player at QB that we can get to take this team even further than last year’s successful season. And Favre is way WAY better than what we’ve got!

    So get excited, will you!? Please!? Instead of just spreading your constant negativity? I mean, as far as I can tell you’ve basically counted the entire season as a loss because of one player who isn’t even officially signed yet and who we haven’t see throw ONE snap as our QB.

    Give the negativity a rest and just let this thing play out!

  • Devin

    Personally this a non story. 

    As for negativity, the Vikings flushed away a 3-5 year SB window by passing on Cutler and instead opted for a 1 year window by selling their soul for Favre.  Oh and it’s a one year window that could include a 4 game suspension for 2 of best defenders.  But hey, who am I to argue with Chris Carter and other Viking, Packer, and NFL greats who have questioned this move.  What they know?

  • Mike

    Personnally, everyting Devin says is a non-story.

    The Vikings had no chance to get Cutler, who wanted to play for his boyhood favorite Bears.  I already told him that but he can’t seem to remember something said one day ago.

    Dr Devin doesn’t know how many years Favre has left, nobody does.

    Selling their soul for Favre?  Are you serious?  Give me a break.  This is just football.  I hope you are just kidding.

    Chris Carter has been very positive about getting Favre.  You must be thinking about Grumpy Old Fran.

    Devin should apply for Dunzinski’s job if he isn’t actually Dunzinski using a fake name because he sounds just like him.

  • jeege


    The Broncos are the ones who actively flushed away their Super Bowl window. The Vikings are still in the process of finding theirs.

    In order to flush something down the toilet, you have to first be in possession of it. The Vikes never had a legitimate shot at Cutler.

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  • Chuck

    See Mike,
    You need to start a Vikings Blog, Bloom Feels the same way… I bet if you started one, Allot of guys would follow…

  • Mike

    Thanks Chuck but once Favre joins the Vikings my blogging job is done.  As the Vikeman say i am the “get damn favre guy.”

  • All Day 28

    Mike you got a Favre jersey yet ???

  • Mike

    No I don’t think the authentic version is available yet.

  • Mike

    There is an answer for Percy Harvin’s health problems on the Star Tribune’s web site.

    “While covering the North Stars and the Timberwolves in the early 1990s, a book author witnessed hordes of groupies hovering around the teams’ orbit in every city. A staff member of one team told of an athlete who took regular doses of penicillin as a preemptive measure against venereal disease.”

    The NFL should hold a special rookie symposium covering VD right there at the draft so players like Percy don’t get sick before they can even learn about the problems.

  • Mike

    Oh yeh, Percy didn’t even make it to the draft.

  • jeege

    Actually, they cover VD really extensively as part of the symposium. I read an article on it the other day.

    Kind of hilarious.

  • Mike

    Het Devin, Chris Carter just said on NFL Live that the Vikings will win the NFC North because they will get Favre. 

  • Mike

    Hey Devin, Chris Carter just answered Brett Favre after asked what player would have the biggest impact in the NFC North.