I Guess I Have to Post This

I feel obligated to do a post on the story circulating that says Brett Favre will make up his mind by Friday whether to join the Vikings for the 2009 season.  The source on this is some friends of Favre who supposedly know what’s in the quarterback’s head.  These friends believe Favre will say yes to the Vikings.  If he does give his answer by Friday, he will have a couple of days to get his stuff packed and get to Mankato for camp.  Unless he has some kind of agreement with the Vikings saying he doesn’t have to show up for camp right away.  But why would he have such an agreement?  He’s a team player.  He’s not the least bit selfish or diva-like.  He is not the type of guy to make a lot of outrageous demands.

Little thing that just drifted through my brain:  I wonder if Brett was watching Tom Watson this weekend at the British?  I wonder if the sight of an old, over-the-hill man making a run but finally choking and being sort of humiliated gave him pause? Nah, why would it?  That sort of thing could never happen to Favre.

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  • Mike


  • Mike

    But on a negative note I wish grumpy old bitter sarcastic Dunzinski would just admit he is over the hill and retire.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m helping vikeman stain his deck this afternoon and i brought my laptop over so we could keep up with the news. he’s just furious with this jared allen being annoyed shit. it is completely taken out of text and allen is made to look like he’s anoyed by farve, which is a total crock of reporting shit. allen is annoyed at the media frenzy that is being produced by all this fair. not at farve. allen knows farve is on a timetable with knowing if his arm will be able to go. he knows that if farve can he will. and he will produce. he’s just sick of this constant bledgering about the situation. that’s how it should’ve been reported. but everyone wants to make it look like farve is causing a division when it is the same old shit. media pissing on each other for a story when there is’nt one. and as far as farve being away from the team? he decided on that a few years back as the best way to deflect the media away from his team. he has always been a willing lighting rod for critisim. he’s always been one of the guys on the field, and more then naught his team mates will agree. so don’t report that he’s not, cause you know what, it’s a lie. vikeman says so. and you know another thing? vikeman does’nt lie.

  • Mike

    Too bad for the Packers they lost the NFC title in 2007.  Favre would have considered calling it a career. But that loss and then the late swoon with the Jets last season has Favre finding it hard to be content.  He sees a rare running back in Adrian Peterson and a defense that can win, along with coaching and an offensive system he finds fitting. He sees a chance to end it like the champion in him insists it should end. With a title, a new home found, helmet hung in glory.

  • jeege

    amen dave

  • Mike

    New Vegas Odds to Win NFC
    Vikings   3/1
    Giants     4/1
    Cowboys 5/1
    Eagles      5/1
    Bears        9/1
    Panthers  9/1

  • Mike

    We just bought more tickets to the Giants and Bears games.

  • Chuck

    Go Vikeman !!! Go Dave !!!

  • Mike

    Bodog Sports says Brett Favre could open up the running game even more for Peterson.  They have posted betting odds on who will have the most rushing yards in the 2009 NFL regular season:  

    Adrian Peterson 3/1
    Michael Turner 11/2
    Chris Johnson 15/2
    Marion Barber  8/1
    Matt Forte  9/1
    Frank Gore  10/1
    Brandon Jacobs  10/1
    Steven Jackson  12/1
    Brian Westbrook  30/1
    Ronnie Brown  40/1

  • Mike

    Kevin Siefert says either T-Jack or Sage won’t have a future with the team because the Vikings are intrigued by Booty as a developmental player at the No. 3 position.  Most everyone is assuming that Loadholt will win the starting right tackle position over Cook.  Bobby Wade is expected to lose playing time to Percy Harvin because it’s doubtful the Vikings will take snaps away from Berrian or even a healthy Sidney Rice.

  • Mike

    The 2007 Vikings combo of Adrian Peterson and Tarvaris Jackson made NFL.com’s top ten list of good RBs with bad QBs:

    “Peterson put up solid statistics in his rookie season with 1,609 scrimmage yards and 13 total touchdowns, but he received little help from Minnesota quarterbacks. Jackson started a total of 12 games, finishing with a dreadful 1,911 passing yards, 12 total touchdowns and 15 turnovers. Imagine what Peterson can do with a legitimate quarterback, say someone like Brett Favre (wink, wink), at the helm?”

  • Mike

    The Bears essentially have only have one WR – Devin Hester.   He wants to stop returning kicks so he can focus on becoming a good WR.   

    I’m thinking the Vikings need Percy Harvin at kick returner more than at WR or RB.  I think they will likely go with Berrian, Rice and Wade at WR and AD and Taylor at RB and work Harvin in at all four positions – KR, slot WR, RB and wildcat QB - as sort of a jack of all trades.  This also makes sense because the guy is not what I would consider to be dependable, more of a wild card.

  • http://landryhat VIKEMAN

    Damn you Mike, thats good stuff. Calm down now and have a beer. Ever had Grainbelt? Hey it’s good.

  • Mike

    I must stay sober and sharp as prophet for the second coming of  Favre.