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Brett Favre Not Coming Back

Seconds ago from Access Vikings:

Judd [Zulgad] is on the phone with a very, very good source that says Brett Favre is staying retired. We’ll have more as it comes.

What’s Ed Werder have to say?

Update: Conflicting reports?  Tweeted not long ago by’s Scott Hansen:

Favre Watch possibly extended: A source tells me Brad Childress has given Favre no deadline to make his decision.

Waiting to see what more is reported by Zulgad.  Is the “Favre will stay retired” story definitive and final, or is it more like, “Favre will stay retired…for now.”  Because there’s no deadline, you see.

Update: Judd Zulgad’s source is Brad Childress, and Chilly says Favre is not coming back.  Chilly’s statement:

I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division.  He knows our system inside out … This doesn’t change anything about how I feel about our football team.

Come in off the ledge Branch Favridians!  It’s not the end!  There’s always tomorrow for silly dreams to come true!  You know, tomorrow – when Brett changes his mind again.

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  • Mike

    I just predicted this a few minutes ago on the last posting.  Mark my words Favre will get the itch after training camp and the Vikings will let him in.  But this is not good for his timing with the WRs.

  • PJD


    Let’s play some god damn football now.

  • jeege

    Whatever, lets just get the ball rolling here!

    I want to see some football!

  • Devin

    Here’s a question…

    Who’s better, Sage, T-Jack, or……Vick?

  • All Day 28

    Fuck Favre, im pissed now

  • Mike

    I can’t watch another year of defenses stacking the box against AD, because T-Jack can’t throw an accurate pass (same with Vick).  I’m not sure about Sage and don’t think Booty is ready.  Favre must be the Vikings QB.  I’ll be back to this web site in about 2-3 weeks when Favre signs with the Vikings!

  • Rusty

    Despite the fact that Favre was not likely to lead us to the promised land, I am super disappointed that he’s not coming to the Purple! At least it would have given us some hope and SOMETHING to get excited about. Now, its back to mediocrity at the QB position! I’m bummed! Very bummed! I’m just now hearing he’s having problems with his knee and ankle, so age has caught up with him I guess… Sage is our only hope now because its just not happening with TJ!

  • Mike

    What is wrong with you people?  “I’m just now hearing he’s having problems with his knee and ankle.”  Nonsense, he said he would play if his shoulder healed!  Favre will sign near the end of training camp.

  • Rusty

    The report I heard said the knee and ankle problems are new since the arm surgery.  I hope you’re right… I hope he does still play. Only thing that gives me hope is knowing how much he hates training camp. All I do know for sure is we’re doomed if TJ is our starter!

  • Mike

    Frankly, from what I’ve heard it is training camp that Favre can’t withstand, including his legs.  Favre loves to play on Sundays.  At least 3 football experts on have recently said Favre doesn’t need to be at training camp.  I think they have been preparing us.  Moreover, Favre said a week or two ago that he would play for the Vikings if the season were 2 weeks away and he could play closer to home.  John Clayton said he was horrified at the though of staying in a dorm in Mankato.  I won’t believe Favre is done until Chilly closes the door with a deadline.  Of course, there is little reason to do that now.

  • Devin

    Mike get out of your dream world and realize what I”ve said all along, namely, that Brett Favre is a 40 year old guy who has 18 years of the NFL logged on his body.   Add on top of that the fact that he has never missed a game and it does not take a Pro Level scout to see that his body is going to  give out on him.

    It’s a part of life.  Just be thankful that the Vikings’ season didn’t depend on him because even he knows that his legs can’t hold out for 16 games, let alone 19-20.

  • Mike

    Devin, you should know by now how Favre constantly changes his mind.  Even if he is serious, he will not be able to stay away from the game, just training camp.  I’ll be back here again in a few weeks and we can talk again.

  • Devin

    Instead of being pissed at Favre be pissed at whoever green lit this summer long process that wagred a large chunk of this season on a guy who has commitment issues and issues closing out the season (something that is well known in the league). 

    Does Favre have talent?  Of coarse, in fact I’m sure the teams in the NFC North are quite happy right now that they don’t have to face him…but they also knew that he didn’t have a whole season in him.  That’s why they didn’t persue him (or Green Bay showing him the door last year).

    The heart of the issue is that the Vikes have not made a serious effort into forming a franchise QB.  The only exception is T-Jack, and that seems to be a one step forward two step back process. 

    The worst part is that someone, it could be Chilly, Ziggy, or someone else, is in a “we must win this year or else” and as a result they are making stupid moves.  They let Birk walk, he’s even reflected that internal leadership was part of why he left.  They half assed up-grading at QB, hastily pulling out of the Cutler sweepstakes, giving up a 3rd rounder and extending Sage, and then messing around with Brett Favre for a whole summer after that.  That is foolish!  Percy Harvin could work out to be a game changer, but he could also blow up in their face. 

    Reality time here ladies and gentlemen….

    When you really look at Super Bowl contenders right now the Vikings are not really in the mix.  We will soon see if the Vikings can really go toe to toe with the Steelers and other top notch teams…but I really don’t think they match up with them or the Pats.

    By the way Mike?  You really didn’t want to see Brett playing a Playoff game at Philly or NY.  It wouldn’t of been pretty.

  • Devin

    Really Mike, if this is a game to get out of training camp, that’s worse.  If that’s the case and Chilly lets him, then we should start betting when Chilly loses the locker room. 

    Brett Favre had his worst seasons in GB with Bevell as his coordinator.  This is mostly because no one on the coaching staff had the balls to tell him when to calm down and settle into a game.  Instead, they just let him throw whatever he wanted up, or play no matter how badly hurt he was.   Do you think that’s changed?  If Brett comes after camp, not only will he have no repore with the receivers (a huge problem in itself) it shows that Chilly and Bevell will have no control over him whatsoever.  Be ready for lots of sacks, ints, and a significant drop in AP carries.  All of that does not bode well for the Vikes.

  • Jim
  • Devin

    The other reality check that might should be more disturbing for Viking fans…the front office of the Vikings have missed an opportunity to solidify the Vikings place a top the division for years to come.

    See the problem right now in the NFC North is that last year the difference between the Packers, Vikings, and Bears really boiled down to a few plays.  The Vikings won because they had the better O-line and D-line play to overcome those few plays. 

    Now the Bears have upgraded their coaching of the defense with Lovie calling the plays, and the D-line in particular with Rod Marenelli.  They also had the balls to trade for the best available QB this offseason to solidify a missing piece of their franchise for years to come. 

    The Lions had no where to go but up, so they gutted their team and built through smart free agency to bring in warm bodies and smart drafting to lay a foundation.  Only time will tell if Stafford will bust or not, but there’s some hope there.  They also brought in defensive leaders like Foote and Delmas.  They should be tougher, and remember the Vikings only won against the Lions at home last year because a QB couldn’t remember where the endzone ended.

    The Packers are probably the greatest enigma in the divison.  There’s more talent then the record indicates and there is not a big distraction over them like there was last year.  The team significantly upgrades the defensive coaching staff (have you looked at who they brought in?  really?), but there is a whole new system and the players they have might not fit.  They do have two viable NT’s in Pickett and Raji (very important) and the LB corp isn’t too bad.  The offense should be set, although that’s assuming Grant can put together a decent year.

    Bottom line, there’s a good chance that the Vikes can take it this year, but if they continue to take these boom or bust chances then they are going to find themselves on the outside looking in of this division with the Pack and the Bears quickly becoming something very interesting.

  • Mike

    You people are wasting your breathe until Chilly himself says the door is closed to Favre.

  • Mike
  • Mike

    Mariucci asked Favre how he’s going to feel in the morning about the decision, and reportedly Favre said HE doesn’t know how he’ll feel in the morning.

  • Chuck

    I totally agree…….come on guys, you don’t really think this Favre stuff is really over? Do ya? He just doesn’t want to go to training camp. Nobody has surgery and does all that Brett has done to get ready and doesn’t play.